Friday, July 9, 2010

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert wedding details plus Tonight's Tweets seem to have a theme to them...

Rumors are flying that this is the weekend Carrie Underwood is tying the knot. All the gossip sites are reporting that the wedding will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, in Greensboro, Ga. tomorrow. And even though Carrie joked that Simon Cowell might not be invited because she didn't want him judging her wedding...eonline is reporting that he is on the guest list along with Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Fisher's fellow Ottawa Senators Chris Neil and Chris Phillips. Oh and the price tag for the hotel alone is expected to exceed $268,000 a night. Get more of the gossip here

Miranda Lambert is talking about her upcoming wedding too to Blake Shelton. "It's been so crazy," she says. "We've gotten engaged and we're both out on the road and on tour. But I am starting to do the 'girly' thing and pull pictures of dresses out of magazines. I'm starting to get a vision of what I want the dress to look like. I'm doing a lot of that on the bus and looking online also." Miranda says she wants the wedding to simply be a good time for all. "It's a celebration of two people falling in love," she says. "So, we just want it to be fun."

Luke Bryan's wife has put the brakes on him. He will be part of Sunday’s Ride for the Cure, a Harley ride fund-raiser for the TJ Martell Foundation in Nashville. But he isn't allowed to get on a bike. "I’ve been adamantly instructed by my wife, if I get on a Harley, I’m in big big trouble,” Luke tells Country Weekly, “due to my lack of coordinated-ness, I guess is the way to say it.”

Tonights Tweets:

(check out the theme here- everyone seems to be tweeting about food tonight!)

@JustinColeMoore: It's a fact. Sonic has the greatest food on the planet. Not the best fast food. Best food, period...end of story.

@RandyHouser: It's the weekend! Don't forget to bring along your Randy Houser CD at that BBQ or out on the lake.

@kelliepickler: Just saw a woman driving a lawnmower pull up to a Wendys, park in a parking spot, and go in to eat. And I'm not even in Albemarle (NC)! :)

@ladyantebellum: I love Philly! Just had ice cream at the Franklin Fountain! Such a tourist....-Dave

@jrodfromoz (jerrodneimann): oh whataburger, how you fill my taste buds with glee.

@JackIngram: Saw M&Ms have 2 new ones out: coconut M&Ms and Pretzel M&Ms! Tried em both on my way 2 the plane this morning. Like em both. Coconut wins!

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