Friday, June 11, 2010

With Fan Fair this I mean CMA Music Fest..your favs talk about you- the Fans!

The good the bad and the ugly...

Josh Turner says the weirdest thing he ever had to sign for a fan was an "unused toothpick. It was quite challenging, actually. It didn't look anything like my autograph. It took a really small Sharpie, though."

Kenny Chesney, who is taking a year off from touring, is not scheduled to participate in this year's CMA Music Festival, but he certainly loves his fans, even the crazy ones. "Some of the more rabid ones, they'll follow us to the next city and follow us to the hotel," laughs Kenny. "This is no lie ... my steel guitar player one night had a heart attack in Virginia Beach, and there were some fans that literally beat the ambulance to the hospital ... but for the most part, it's OK."

Blake Shelton has a unique relationship with his fans, which is a bit different from other country artists. "There have been times where she and I have been together, and she'll be recognized and I won't or vice versa," says Blake about he and fiance Miranda Lambert. "When somebody recognizes Miranda, they're kind of timid and they circle like a buzzard and they finally get the nerve up and say, 'Are you Miranda? Can I have your autograph? I love your music.' And with my fans, it's never that way. My fans, it's like a drive by. 'Hey Blake, kiss my ass!' But a kiss my ass with a thumbs up, like a good old boy deal. Or 'Blake, what the hell is wrong with you?' Or they think it's fun because of the 'Some Beach' video that it's fun to flip me off. They assume that it's flattering to me, so I'll flip them off back and they love it. That's the kind of relationship that I have with my fans, and I think that's why they call themselves BSers, because none of them take themselves or me that seriously." Blake is set to to take to the stage Sunday, June 13 at LP Field.

Kellie Pickler also had moments where she found herself a bit overwhelmed by meeting some of her idols. "The first time I was really starstruck was when I met Martina McBride and when I met Dolly Parton," says Kellie. "But the last time I was really starstruck, I met Shania Twain, and I started crying. I was so embarrassed. I was like, 'Holy cow, I just totally cried in front of Shania,' and she said, 'No, don't mess your make-up up.' I know I probably scared her to death, but I made a fool of myself ... sorry, Shania!"

Brooks and Dunn have their last show in Hampton Roads next Friday and as the wrap up their time together, Kix spoke out about the end of B&D coming and what's up next for them..."There are a lot of folks around us who are getting weepy, but I'm glad we're having the great crowds and having fun playing music. It's been an awesome run ... But right now we're writing songs and recording stuff. Now we're getting to do what we want this week, when for the past 20 years we've always had to check with each other to see what we were doing and if it worked for Brooks and Dunn." Kix says he and Ronnie have been solo artists inside their albums all along, with the exception of the songs they wrote together. "Ronnie and I have a lot of common ground musically, so we'll keep making music; that's what we do. What either one of us do in the future won't be a huge departure from what we've done in the past, that's the kind of music we make. I don't think we're gonna do anything hugely jazz or hip hop, but when you're in a duo you do work within a format of that entity. We would sometimes check ourselves and ask 'Is this Brook & Dunn music?' and you start defining yourself to your fans that you are this kind of music and this kind of artist."

Tonight's Tweets:

@DierksBentley: good news: taking a jet to FL after show tonight. bad news: no bathroom. tim (aka slips) is prepared

@davidnail: Episode 5 of with Cards!

@BradPaisley: In honor of Detroit's favorite son...

@KeithUrban: Want to hear the inside scoop on Keith's hectic week, straight from his videographer Brad?

@JayDeMarcus: 2 movies back to back... Haven't done this in a looooong time....

@TerriClarkMusic: Old Lady "TMI" at Fan fest autograph booth today. She walks up and says " I'm having a great day cuz I got LAID last night"

@JackIngram: My manager says "tweets w/pics is more effective!"! U tell me... Is this "effective"!!!?

@leannrimes: My fans mean more to me than anything!

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