Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Martina raps? Taylor to the rescue and Tonight's Tweets

First week of June and it's already getting unbearably hot for me...Reba McEntire on the other hand is ecstatic that summer is finally here. She says, "I love to be in the South where the humidity is high. My skin drinks it up. Did I say that I love it? I didn't say my hair loves it. Wow -- does it get curly!" I wish I had that problem, mine just goes more limp than it already is...and so does the rest of me from heat exhaustion. Looking forward to fall already...summer turns me lazy so maybe by then I can peel myself off the couch lol.

Even the biggest stars aren't immune to housing market downturn. It took a year of being on the market, and a $10 million drop in price but Alan Jackson has finally sold his 135-acre estate for $28 million. According to the Nashville Post, the home, which was originally listed for $38 million, has almost 19,000 square feet of living space, a 20-car garage, two guest houses and a gym. The buyer is a businessman from California.

Kid Rock is co hosting the CMT awards coming up next Tuesday and he just released details about his new CD and a few country stars will be appearing on it. Zac Brown will guest on the song "Flying High" and Martina McBride joins rapper T.I., on a tune titled "Care." I never thought I would say Martina McBride and rapper in the same sentence but sounds cool! Kid Rock also pairs up again with Sheryl Crow on a new song "Collide." Bob Seger also plays on the same song and Kid Rock says, "I asked [Bob] to be on the track, and he didn't call me back. I started getting really nervous, and then a couple of days later he showed up at the studio, by himself. I said, 'Bob, why didn't you call? I didn't think you were going to do it!' He said, 'I was practicing.'" The CD will be called "Born Free" and is expected to be released September 7.

Taylor Swift loves her fans and shows it! On May 20, Taylor performed before a sold-out crowd at Scotiabank Place in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Nicole Lavoie was in the audience and experienced a "serious medical emergency" at the show. Nicole's mother, Harriett Lavoie, wrote a letter to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper expressing her gratitude to the "people who rushed to Nicole's aid during a serious medical emergency at the Taylor Swift concert." In the letter, she says, "While we were waiting in a special medical room at Scotiabank Place, we were surprised to have a visit from Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea, and her management crew and for their kindness to myself and my daughter during that very difficult time.

"Nicole was transported by ambulance to Queensway Carleton Hospital. While she was under observation in the emergency room, she got a call on her cell phone -- Taylor Swift was on the line. This special singer took the time to check on my daughter's condition and talk to Nicole for several minutes about her country music to one of her biggest fans. Nicole is impressed with Taylor Swift's down-to-earth goodness in making that call. But as a teenager, she is so excited to have this memorable experience."

Tonight's Tweets:

@glorianatheband: visited the Walter Reed army hospital today. Got to meet some amazing/brave/inspiring soldiers. Very eye opening experience, thank u troops!

@leannrimes: Check out People mag this week. It comes out today. I'm really proud of the article inside! It's for you the fans! Love you all

@taylorswift13: So I decided that since my lucky number is 13, I'm gonna sign for that many hours at CMA fest! Come say hi?

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