Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Tim McGraw giving up country?! The best moments from the CMT Awards...and what you didn't hear backstage!

Is Tim McGraw quitting country?! He said recently that his next album will be his last for his current record label. After that, he wants to concentrate on smaller projects -- maybe even an album of 70's rock covers. At a music industry meeting earlier this week, Tim said, "I've had a great career, but after 13 albums, it's time for a change." Hey Tim- if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Here's a link to read the whole story I think it's all good if he makes a themed long as it's country theme lol

Toby Keith will be spending the 4th of July in Boston for the Boston Pops annual 4th of July Concert and fireworks show. The show will be hosted by Craig Ferguson and you'll be able to see it CBS.

If you missed any of the CMT Music Awards last night here are some of the best quotes of the night:

• "Anyone thinkin' about grabbin' a mic, myself or Bocephus will personally punch you in the mouth." –Kid Rock discouraging any would-be Kanyes.

• "We were not expecting this so much that Mr. Dunn has gone to the restroom ... in Santa Fe, NM ... This is just the kind of thing that will make them think we're breaking up the duo!" –Kix Brooks accepting Duo of The Year.

• "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys. Don't let 'em retire and end their career, sign 'em to catch touchdowns for the Titans this year." –Presenter and former Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens, singing.

• "I don't know if you know what it's like trying to get Bocephus out of the house. That really warmed my heart, more so than anything tonight because he hates these things ... That almost made me cry, to be honest." –Kid Rock on Hank Jr.'s participation in the opening number.

• "My cell phone wasn't in my jacket, was it? If it was, just send a tweet 'thank you so much' for me." –Luke Bryan after winning the USA Weekend Breakthrough buckle and throwing his jacket into the crowd.

• "Who the hell are you?" –Presenter Kenan Thompson (SNL) as Reba to Reba.

• "Why is Terrell Owens here? Does anybody like him? I don't think so. I don't like him for s&*%." –Trace Adkins backstage.

• "Looks like you got a little bit of the oil spill on yours." –Presenter David Spade responding to Kid Rock's assertion that Spade's hair looked blow-dried.

• "I went to James Stroud's house and Paul Simon was there and the first thing he said when I walked in the door was, 'Where's Ronnie?' I looked at him and he started laughing and he goes, 'Man I'm so sick of people asking me where Garfunkel is.'" –Kix Brooks backstage.

• "You've had a great year yourself; your 'Hillbilly Bone' is huge." –Laura Bell Bundy to Blake Shelton.

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: just looked at the pics from yesterday's show. It's time for me to put down the beer and hit the gym. I'm starting to look like a keg :(

@JustinColeMoore: Locked out my house...awesome! (insert sarcasm here)

@LukeBryanOnline: Hey guys. Thanks so much for my CMT Award. It was an awesome night. Unbelievable. Still smiling. Love you guys

@BradPaisley: Well my band is in the dunking booth at the fan club party. You're welcome.

@martinamcbride: I'm going to be kind to my liver today. That's all I'm gonna say.

@rascalflatts: Thx for all ur votes last night. We want u guys to know that ur support for RF never goes unnoticed! We'll get Lady A's "A" next time!-jdr

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