Monday, May 24, 2010

Win from Joe Nichols tomorrow, Plus why isn't Tim singing? and Lady A discuss the Lost finale in Tonight's Tweets

Joe Nichols is going to be on the View tomorrow morning and he just tweeted this:
Be sure to pay close attention to @theviewtv tomorrow morning... there may be prizes involved!

Tim McGraw is coming to the VB Amphitheater Sunday, July 25th and he talked about the plan for his new tour recently. If you saw the Soul2Soul tour, the stage is scaled down but still impressive. Tim says, “I like bells and whistles as much as anybody. Sometimes I’ll feel like that’s what we need. But it’s not about trying to outdo — or underdo — my last stage. It’s about what I feel at the moment. I just want people to get back to our music. I mean, it’s tough to say that with a straight face because this is no wallflower stage; it’s very modern and even spectacular. But it has the ability to take it way down and being intimate with the audience is the key to this tour."

Speaking of Tim, he's working on a new movie that he will co-star with Gwyneth Paltrow in. And Gwyneth and some of his co-workers will be singing in it...but not Tim. Huh?! The movie is about a faded Country performer in the midst of a comeback. Tim isn't playing the singer though...Gwyneth is. Tim plays James Canter, Kelly’s husband and manager, whose challenges include guiding his wife’s career at a pivotal time while coping with overtures made toward her. I still think he could've broken into song at some point! How can you cast a country singer in a movie about a country singer and NOT have him sing? I don't get it.

Carrie Underwood has launched the Temporary Home Fund to support Tennessee flood relief efforts. The charity grants Underwood receives from the ACM as reigning Entertainer Of The Year will be earmarked for the Fund and will be distributed to those in need through MusiCares and The Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee (CFMT). You can make a $10 donation by texting "ACM" to 501501. Online donations can also be made at and

Tonight's Tweets:

@leannrimes: I love west coast swing! It's such s challenge cause I've never done it before, but I picked it up quickly and it's a blast!

@KeithUrban: Didn't see the Brooks & Dunn "The Last Rodeo" special on CBS last night? Then check out these fun photos & video clips!

@DierksBentley: came home to find my truck now requires 2 people to start it. one to hold the positive batt cable juuuuuuuust so and one to turn the key

@ladyantebellum: Shot from on set the "Our Kind of Love" music video!

@JoeNichols: Playing/interview at Gonna play a couple tunes and talk a little baseball. I love my life! Thank you Lord!

@BradPaisley: You know you're a redneck when there's more mud on you than your truck. Awesome.

@rascalflatts: Thanks yall for all the kind words on r performance. It was a blast and when heroes r sitting there u gotta step it up. B&D rule

@kelliepickler: talking w/ grandpa Pickler about my grandma. They started dating when they were 17 and were together for 54 years before she passed.

@ladyantebellum: Dear series finale of Lost, why did you leave so many questions unanswered?! AH! -Dave

@billycurrington: recently finished tracking my 4th album. on an island doing vocals now. will send u airline tickets to come hang if u can guess which one ?

@reba: I'm on the 2nd time watching the B&D special. Jennifer Hudson singing "I Believe". Wow! Praise the Lord! She just took us to church!!!

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