Monday, May 17, 2010

Miranda talks engagement and a video from last night's Music City Keep on Playin' benefit

Did you see any of the Music City Keep on Playin' benefit that aired on GAC last night? I missed it since I don't have GAC :( But was happy to find at least one performance on youtube tonight from it. Here ya go:

Miranda Lambert is still beaming over her engagement to Blake Shelton. She talked to GACTV and said she didn't see it coming. “I was very surprised — very surprised,” she says. “You know, bein’ a girl, you’re always like, ‘When are we gonna get married? When are we gonna get married? When am I gonna get a ring? I don’t care if we get married…just give me the ring,’ you know? And I was shocked. I just — I didn’t know when or where or how, and I’m glad, ’cause I love surprises. Usually I can figure those things out, but I had no clue.”

She went on to talk about her love for her future husband...“I know he’s the one, without a shadow of a doubt,” she says. “And so does my mom, and she’s always like, ‘I’ll know if it’s the one.’ My parents love him, and family is a huge thing to me. So if our families didn’t get along, it would be tragic. But our families get along great, and I love his parents, and so it’s perfect. It’s literally the fairytale that every girl dreams of. And you know, I think I’ve earned it!” Awww!

Tonight's Tweets:

@davidnail: Bonefish Grill with the wife, we had our first date here!

@DierksBentley: better than any award! this is amazing! don't miss the face on the right leg either!

@JoeNichols: On my way to the airport to do Tonight Show tomorrow! Aww Yeeuuhh

@JackIngram: I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane! One of the best Waylon lines out there.

@KeithUrban: Thank you for all of your support at last night's benefit to aid flood victim's in Nashville.

@BradPaisley: I wrote an article about my experience in Nashville the last few weeks for Billboard. Here's the link

@RandyHouser: just found out the new album release date is September 14th. excited!

: Been home for less than an hr in Nashville... Instantly can't breathe. WTF??

@jackingram: Ok, I didn't tweet much this wkend. It is directly related 2 how much fun I was havin w/Country Throwdown! GoodTimes.

@TerriClarkMusic: My Grandmother actually got me to watch " Dancing with the Stars"...never in a million years did I think ...

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