Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joe Nichols reveals personal detail, Reba on MTV covering Beyonce?! Plus, what Miranda is holding over Blake's head

If you missed Sugarland on Good Morning America today, they did a behind the scenes look at their upcoming tour! Check out the video here: and another one for you here

It was reported yesterday that Mindy McCready overdosed on drugs but her rep says it isn't so...that instead she just had a bad reaction to a painkiller and her mom "overreacted."

Just last month, Miranda Lambert picked up three ACM Awards and she is holding it over her fiance, Blake Shelton's head. "I'm one of those people that will milk it to the last drop when I win something. I'm still talking about Album of the Year (for 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend') that I won two years ago," Miranda says. "If Blake's been bad, I say, 'You can't talk to me like that, I won Album of the Year.' That's two years ago. Now, I have a lot more leverage. It is awesome. It really is."

Reba McEntire on MTV singing a Beyonce song?! Yep, it's gonna happen. This week, Reba does MTV's UNPLUGGED. She will perform her recent hits “Strange,” “Consider Me Gone,” her current single “I Keep On Loving You”, and album tracks “Eight Crazy Hours (In The Story Of Love),” and “I Want A Cowboy.” She's also doing a cover of a Beyonce song, “If I Were A Boy”. Of course, Reba is no stranger to covering pop songs (“Because Of You”; “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia”; “On My Own”) When asked why she chose this one she said, “I love the idea of her saying if she was a boy, she’d treat the girlfriend a lot better. I think she’s trying to open his eyes to being more respectful and caring but then she realizes, ‘you’re just a boy...’ Cool song.”

Joe Nichols is thinking of becoming a father again and opening up about it. He already has a daughter, Ashelyn, from a previous relationship. "I have an 11-year-old, and while she doesn't live in my household, I've had some experience as a father, albeit not a great father at times, but I do have that experience to draw on," Joe says. "I think the Lord gives us everything we can handle, nothing more. And up until now, I wasn't ready to take on that challenge again. We've decided we could make a pretty good little family -- the two of us, Heather and I combined with a child. So we're definitely working towards that. It would be a huge blessing, because I've got a lot of wisdom. I don't think knowledge is a good word. I don't think experience is a good word, but I think wisdom -- from my own pain, from my own trials and from my own success -- that I can offer a child. I've got a lot of love to give, too. I can't wait to be a dad again."

Little Big Town released the video for "Little White Church" yesterday to Check it out and see the dark turn it takes when the groom doesn't voluntarily take her down to the little white church.

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Flip Chick said...

I think Reba's Unplugged concert already aired at least once on CMT. The videos for her performances are all on the CMT website, but here's Reba's cover of "If I Were a Boy". Personally, I think it's amazing!