Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craig Morgan, Randy Houser and Jack Ingram updates

Craig Morgan has been named spokesperson for Not Alone -- an organization which helps military men and woman and their families cope with the stress of combat and its aftermath. Craig says, "We can't sit quietly aside while our country's bravest are struggling. They put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and they deserve to be honored and know that if they need help, they are not alone."

Randy Houser ("Boots On" and "Anything Goes") will put out his 2nd CD, “They Call Me Cadillac”, on September 14th and he says e is very excited to continue to add “grit to the genre”. Randy says, “I put my heart into this record. We went into the studio with a direction in mind, conceptually, for the album, and the result is something I’m really proud of. I think people are ready to hear real country music again, and I’m one of them.”

Chely Wright was on Oprah yesterday talking about her recent announcement that she is gay. She is the first country artist in history to "come out" openly as a lesbian. Chely told Oprah that she struggled to keep her secret hidden during her relationship with Brad Paisley and that she had no business being in a relationship with him. She also said she had a 12 year relationship with a woman that she felt she needed to keep hidden for her career, and how at one time, she felt so low that she almost committed suicide. Chely has a new book out, "Like Me," that talks more about her story.

Who actually sticks to their New Years Resolutions? Well almost 1/2 through the year and Jack Ingram is still going strong with his. He resolved to write one song per week and now he will share a few selections from his "Song Project" exclusively with American Songwriter magazine. The first track is "America," which was inspired by a walk along the Mississippi River during a tour stop in Moline, IL. He writes in the magazine's column, "Most songs with references to America always seem to have such grand messages and huge themes. I was trying to paint a more subtle picture of what it looked like during a normal day in one of the 'fly over' states." American Songwriter will profile new Ingram songs over the next few weeks, and he'll be featured in the upcoming July/Aug. issue.

Tonight's Tweets:

@JustinColeMoore: For those comin out to h2o tour this weeknd, @BradPaisley and crew deserve so much credit for makin it happen in spite of the flood.

@LuckymanEddie: O yes gettin ready for the stage!!

@JayDeMarcus: Headed to Columbus for a Make a Wish event at the Shoe!! Lotta Buckeyes and Coach T will be there!!

@ladyantebellum: Lady A's "Simlish" take on "Need You Now" will be available June 1 for the new Sims 3 game! Learn more and watch here:

@martinamcbride: Spent the day with Dr. Maya Angelou at her birthday celebration at her home in NC. She inspires me to be a better person. Priceless day.

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