Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brad talks Va Beach, Miranda's new jewelery and Tonight's Tweets

Brad Paisley is coming on Friday to the Va Beach Amphitheater and his crew had to work hard to repair the set from his tour after the flood damage. Brad talked to Billboard magazine about the damage saying, "...my crew stood in knee-deep water lifting every last piece of equipment they could save. Then they lined up for tetanus shots...and now we're all scrambling to pull of the miracle of making it still work. We've always been a close group, but now we're WWII close." He went on to talk about coming to Va Beach saying "When I finally walk out onstage in Virginia Beach, Va., on the first date of the H2O tour- no need to point out the irony, thank you-it will mean so much more to all of than any other tour we've ever done. Or probably ever will. I will stand up there more thankful than I've ever been for the people in the audience, the band at my back, the crew that makes it happen and the ton I've never been prouder to represent."

Brad posted this tweet earlier: Been filming for the H2O tour video content. This guy has been rockin Nashville. We call him Mega Me. http://twitpic.com/1ox70p

Brad wasn't the only artist to loose equipment in the floods, Little Big Town still don't know exactly how much of their touring equipment they lost in the floods since water continues to block access to the building. But their pal Steve Wariner came to their rescue and offered them his guitars to use on the Country Throwdown tour.

Miranda Lambert got a new piece of jewelery recently...her engagement ring to Blake Shelton. And now you can pick up a Miranda Lambert-designed piece of jewelery. It's a silver necklace and proceeds go to help her charity Mutt Nation. She says, "They created a beautiful piece of jewelry to help raise funds for my passion of finding loving homes for abandoned and abused animals across the country." The pendant, which has the charity's logo on the front, is on sale till June 21st exclusively at PennyRoyalSilver.com.

Wynonna will pose as a tire store employee to prank customers on the celebrity look-alike show I Get That A Lot tomorrow (5/19) at 8pm on CBS.

Tonight's Tweets:

@martinamcbride: I usually love rainy weather, but today has me feeling tired. Must be the barometric pressure? Need a pick me up fast!

@LBTmusic: Who wants to bring a friend to the "Little White Church Reception" and hang out with LBT? http://www.capitolnashville.com/littlewhitechurch

@JoeNichols: Tonight on the Tonight Show I'll do an ear tug at the end of the song(GTG) for my fans and friends on here and the fan club.

@Sugarlandmusic: Don't miss Sugarland performing on ACM Presents: Brooks & Dunn - The Last Rodeo! The CBS special airs Sunday, May 23rd at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

@kennychesney: The "Summer In 3D" DVD/Blu-Ray pre-order is up and running at http://kmart.com/kennychesney. Great sweepstakes prizes too.

@Randy Houser: my momma always said "son if u ain't in bed by midnight, just come on home." Just giggled thinking about that one.

@ladyantebellum: Hillary's in the latest issue of @InStyleMagazine!! Pick up your copy and read more here: http://bit.ly/cyT5ta

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