Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Videos galore and Tonight's Tweets

Did you miss Jason Aldean on Lopez Tonight last worries...check it out here:

Fall asleep before Miranda Lambert played on the Late Show with Craig ya go:

And since it's wednesday for Lady A fans you know what that means...Webisode Wednesday. Check out their behind the scenes look at the ACM awards including Charles soaking're welcome ladies :)

Tonight's Tweets:

@BradPaisley: Hey! I'm verified! Im verified! Now you know it's really me! Oh $&@+ you know it's really me.

@darrylworley: We r about to record a song that will be my next single. It has already been agreed on by all the powers. It is generating great excitement. There has not been this much excitement around a song of mine since "Have You Forgotten". It'll make many smile and piss some off.

@ladyantebellum: Dave writes about Lady A's weekend in Vegas in his new blog post, "Soaking up the ACM's." Read it & leave comments!

@davidnail: BIg Ben got what he deserves, no way he's innocent of ignorance, and if you're gonna be that high profile, you deserve what you get!

@JayDeMarcus: Hard Lesson: You can't always make everybody happy, no matter how hard you try...

@martinamcbride: Big day today! Working on a new Moment, singing a little @ the studio, then hanging out with friends tonight. Sounds perfect!

@JustinColeMoore: Btw-wanna thank country radio, my fans, and my record label for makin backwoods my second top 10 hit! Yal have all made my dreams com true

@kelliepickler: the imaginarium of doctor parnassus might be my favorite movie. crazy good. two words-heath and johnny.

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