Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trace talks smack about Blake and in a twist of fate...gets punked by Martina. Plus, find out what's going on with Josh Turner and Joe Nichols.

Trace Adkins, says he knows why Blake Shelton is releasing another six pack album this summer, "He got half way through making his album and turkey season started and he didn't get to finish it and put out six songs, that's the truth." The real reason though...according to Blake, "It will be a six pack because it would be hard to walk away from doing that since the first one did so well."

Good news and bad news for Joe Nichols. The Broadway adaptation of the film Pure Country may not make it to the stage after all. Joe Nichols and Lorrie Morgan were set to star in the roles made famous by George Strait and Lesley Ann Warren but the economy has hurt NY theater and it's been pushed back...indefinitely. But it's not all bad news for Joe, he can console himself with the face that he just got his fourth No. 1 single with "Gimmie That Girl."

Josh Turner reveals some interesting facts about himself in the latest Country Weekly. First, he says he’s never carried a wallet and just puts what he needs in his pocket. Second, one of his biggest quirks is he always looking for a toothpick when leaving any restaurant no matter how fancy it is. And Third, he says if he could change places with anyone in the world, Josh answered his wife. Awww! He makes women swoon even more by saying, “I wonder what it would be like to be a wife and a mother. I think it would help make me a better person and husband.” He also gave some great advice to men...“If you don’t want to do the weekly chores just buy your wife really nice appliances.” Since he upgraded the family’s washer and dryer, Josh’s wife Jennifer won’t let him touch her new appliances which means he gets out of doing the laundry.

After Shania Twain was on American Idol this week contestant Casey James was kicking himself for not giving her a kiss. He tells US Magazine he didn’t hear Simon Cowell urging him to kiss Shania on Tuesday night’s show, and Ryan Seacrest badgered him about the missed opportunity during a commercial break. "I want them to crank up the monitors because if I had heard it, I would have laid a big one on her!"

If you caught Lady Antebellum’s performance of American Honey on the ACM awards, you saw that playing behind them on the big screen were old home videos. They are letting you get a closer look at those in their latest Webisode Wednesday.

When Trace Adkins took the stage for his last night on the Shine All Night tour with Martina McBride, he had to figure a practical joke was in the works. Even so, he was stopped in his tracks midway through "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" when McBride sauntered out and shook hers. "Did you see that?" he asked the crowd.

Tonight's Tweets:

@LBTmusic: Shooting the Little White Church video today...can't wait for you to see it.

@davidnail: It's snowing in Colorado!!! It's almost May! What the heck?

@Sugarlandmusic: Are You Ready? San Francisco couldn't be more beautiful. Tomorrow you all get to see our new machine! -Kristian

@JayDeMarcus: Thanks for the sweet comments about Idol... The song was faster due to time constraints.

@TerriClarkMusic: At Home Depot buying a baby Japanese Maple to plant in memory of my dear Mommy.

@LuckymanEddie: Hey everybody I'm in Nashville doing a photo shoot dammit dam sure shows how ugly my ass really is!!!! They even pulled out the high dollar cams on me!! Still didn't help!!!

@Miranda_Lambert: GIRLS SCOUTS COOKIES R SABATOGING MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO.(@katyperry) I feel ur pain... They r every girls enemy!

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