Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No red high heels in Kellie Pickler's future...plus Trace returns to Celebrity Apprentice and what was Tim left out of?!

Tim McGraw's movie Flicka is back...but without Tim. Clint Black will play the lead role in the straight to DVD release Flicka 2. There will still be a premiere though in Nashville April 27 and will be available through Walmart and Sam's Club on May 4.

No red high heels for Kellie Pickler anytime soon. Kellie took a fall outside a wedding chapel in Las Vegas and had to perform a pair of shows seated because of the swelling. She hopes to be in full form for her stops on the Fearless tour later this week. Now the question is...what was Kellie doing outside a wedding chapel in Vegas? Hmm...

Carrie Underwood is about to be married...but she's not acting like an old married woman any time soon. For her "Play On" tour, she's shaking up her good girl image with some seriously sexy looks. The costume designer for So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol helped her create this amped up look which includes a super-tight, black spandex catsuit. Carrie wears a total of 14 separate costumes and 29 different looks throughout the show. You can check out the new PEOPLE Country issue to see more of Carrie's costumes.

Trace Adkins is returning to Celebrity Apprentice. He will be Donald Trump's boardroom advisor on this Sunday's episode, overseeing the teams as they create new images for Luke Bryan and Emily West. Trace, of course, was a runner-up to Piers Morgan during the 2008 Apprentice season.

Tonight's Tweets:

@glorianatheband: Soundcheck at Jimmy Kimmel!!! http://yfrog.com/09ckwvj

@ladyantebellum: Taping Leno here in a few min, can't wait!!!! http://twitpic.com/1feiiw

@LuckymanEddie: Wow big week getting nevous can't sleep!!! TheACMs is the bomb it's the real deal!!!

@LBTmusic: Thanks for pushing Little White Church up the charts. Love you guys. Did we mention we're shooting a video after the ACM's?

@TYcom: I know I'm a cookbook author, but everything doesn't have to be from scratch...having a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart right now....yum.

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