Thursday, April 15, 2010

More ACM details, big changes in Nashville and Tonight's Tweets have the artists talking about it

More details about the ACM awards this Sunday...Taylor Swift will perform with a sixteen voice group called The Tritones. Taylor caught the group’s performance on YouTube singing her song You Belong With Me a capella. The group is out of San Diego State University.

Speaking of Tayor, it's certainly been a big year for her professionally...and personally. She turns 21 later this year (geez, doesn't it seem like she was just 16?!) and she bought her own place. Yeah, she's got enough money to buy something big and expensive but she told that her new penthouse condo in Nashville isn't as huge as one would think. "It's not giant. I didn't want to have to MapQuest to get to the kitchen."

There's a lot of debate these days about what's country and what's not. Zac Brown solved the debate for himself by saying he doesn't consider himself a country artist. He told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "I am a 'Southern' artist. Being from the South, it instills a sense of love and respect for each other ... I grew up on good music, and was a big fan of people like the Indigo Girls, Matthew Kahler, and, of course, the Allman Brothers. But I like all kinds of music."

There have been a lot of shake ups the last few days in the music of which is Lyric Street Records closing it's doors, which is home to Bucky Covington, Sarah Buxton, Love and Theft and of course Rascal Flatts. The guys in RF issued a statement today saying, "Although we are saddened for the people at Lyric Street whom we have worked so closely with over the last 10 years, we are still very much excited about the new album we are currently making and bringing that new music to our fans." Flatts won't be without a label- Disney will move them over to another one of their labels. No word on what will happen to Bucky, Sarah or Love and Theft though.

Tonight's Tweets:

@martinamcbride: Oh my God!Loretta Lynn JUST called me on my cell. "Martina. This is Loretta Lynn. I love you." Wowwoww! Guess what I said? "I love you too!"

@JoeNichols: Guess who's on the cover of Country Weekly? -

@paisleyofficial: Heres the water video. Go get wet:

@sarahbuxton: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Wow, things are changing remarkably in my life & each hour lends new possibilities. 2010 ROCKS!

@JackIngram: Big changes goin on n Nashchill this mornin!Labels dyin,execs flyin,artists cryin.-Buckle your iPods music fans!The times- they r a changed!

@LuckymanEddie: Hellyeah on my way to vegas baby!!! Let the drinks and the blackjack start flowin!!!

@kelliepickler: Just took a trip to the 80s in "hot tub time machine" loved it!!

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