Friday, April 23, 2010

Martina McBride pokes fun at Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, plus Rascal Flatts and Shania Twain back on Idol and Tonight's Tweets

Martina McBride hijacked Blake Shelton's weekly "Take 6" video series...funniest part for me, when she talks about how many people un follow Blake on twitter after he offends them...funny because I was one of those people lol. Love his music just not his tweets :) Check out the video of Martina, which includes an extended clip of Luke Bryan dancing in a leotard...awesome. Is it just me or does Luke's dancing remind you of a chicken more than Beyonce?

The guys of Rascal Flatts are coming back to American Idol on April 28. They will perform Unstoppable and will join Shakira on her song Gypsy.

Shania Twain is also coming back to Idol next week as the mentor. Hmm...does this mean it's country week?

Jason Aldean continues to make the rounds on late night talk shows tonight...he's on on the Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Tonight's Tweets:

@bradpaisley: If I was gonna add an uptempo album cut from an older album to the show this summer what should it be? Too many to choose from. Solution? 6hour and 30 minute show. Bring a pillow and a blanket.

@darrylworley: I've been feeling like my rights to worship freely were being infringed on. I got together with a couple friends and wrote a song about it.

@darrylworley: The song is called "Keep the Change" and you will be hearing it soon. I think this will be the biggest hit we have had since "Have You Forg"

@ladyantebellum: To all my guitar players: got an instructional video for American Honey I'm wrapping up, probably up by Monday online for you!!! –Dave

@DierksBentley: - to quote the movie old school: "ahh denver, the sunshine state"

@Jason_Aldean: Just rolled in to Sacramento and hope its warmer than LA! Cold ass weather and no sun in LA?? What gives??? Caught Lakers playoff game thou

@davidnail: I woke up and thought Tebow 1st rounder was a dream, nope, it was real! Idiots!

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