Friday, April 16, 2010

Lady A on Idol, Who's out at Lyric Street? And Tonight's Tweets

So happy Lady A are taking the Idol stage soon...after almost having to sit through Ke$ha on elimination night (thank god for DVR and the ability to fast forward) I had given up on watching Idol on elimination night. Will have to change that soon though. Lady Antebellum have pre-recorded a performance of "Need You Now" for an upcoming episode of FOX's American Idol. Air date is TBA.

Another reason to thank my DVR...Jack Ingram is going to be on CBS' The Early Show tomorrow morning...and we all know I do not get up early :)

I was telling you yesterday about the shake-up in Nashville with Lyric Street Records closing down. Word is now that Bucky Covington, Kevin Fowler, and Tyler Dickerson will shift from Lyric Street Records to other imprints within the Disney Music Group, following Rascal Flatts'lead. Not great news though for three of the label's other acts, Sarah Buxton, Love and Theft and The Parks, have been dropped. Boo! I love Sarah Buxton! I hope someone picks her up quick!

Check out the latest issue of Vogue magazine for more of Taylor Swift. She talks about her love of wearing sparkly dresses, her new home and her upcoming album, which is due out this fall.

Don't forget, Trace Adkins is back on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday (4/18) as a boardroom adviser to Donald Trump. Luke Bryan and Emily West will also be part of the episode geared toward marketing a country star.

Tonight's Tweets:

@paisleyofficial: Some woman, somewhere in the world right now, probably without knowing it, is destined to be the next Mrs Larry King. Luckeeeeeee!!!

@paisleyofficial: So any1 who can figure out the fast guitarpart @ the end of my water vid( a prize-&then I need U 2 show me WTH I played

@leannrimes: Vegas flights are always NUTS! This plane is loud! Not saying we're not part of it!

@ladyantebellum: Check out a couple pics from last night's Wiltern show with our special guests @KrisAllen and @JoshGroban!!

@reba: Check out this video: A Message from Melissa Peterman -

@TimMcGrawArtist: TV ALERT! Tim and the Dancehall Doctors perform on the ACM Awards this Sunday, April 18 at 8/7 CST on CBS!

@RandyHouser: go vote for the boots on video at! I want to win the fan voted award more than any other y'all! Use every email address u got

@rascalflatts: Headin to Vegas. We will see ya on tv Sunday probably wont win but we will sing unstoppable perty for yuns holla atcha boys

@JackIngram:Watchin Crazy Heart 4 the 1st time! Wow! Very familiar and good. Sittin in Vegas and watchin a movie bout the real deal. Nice.

@mallaryhope: Dear fellas, 'how you doin' is not a good start with me.. Sorry. Haha! Try again please.

@darrylworley: This country music stuff is hard work. Vegas is crawling with country music fans. I love 'em very much and appreciate their support. Gamble?

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