Monday, April 19, 2010

ACM Recap

ACM awards were last night and I was so happy with Miranda Lambert and Lady A's wins. Favorite performances of the night were Miranda, Jack Ingram and Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. Least favorite performance of the night for me...Laura Bell Bundy...sorry I just don't get it. I would've rather seen somebody like Martina McBride, Craig Morgan, Josh Turner, or Chris Young perform one of their hit songs from this past year.

Best joke of the night...Brad Paisley asking Matthew Mcconaughey to borrow his shirt after jumping in the pool...since he never wears one. And saying that his wife thinks he's the better kisser.

Worst joke of the night...Reba making a fat joke at Kristie Alley's expense. I just thought it was mean and unnecessary. And Kristie was apparently watching and agreed. She tweeted "@reba wow...thought we girls would stick time you need a fat joke about me, just ask...Mine are funny."

Lots of stars talking today about their reaction to the awards last night, including Charles Kelly of Lady A. He spoke to Country Weekly and said, "I told Miranda going in, I really genuinely want you to win this award because you deserve it. I’m buddies with Luke, I’m buddies with Miranda and I was genuinely rooting for these people and they won and then we won, too. It made for one of those nights where everything came together exactly like you could have wished for it to come together. It was great.“ Read more of the story, including how he ended up in the pool later on in the night here

Keith Urban put on a great performance but didn't walk away a winner...he sent a message to his fans about what he thought of not getting Entertainer of the Year

Twitter was active last night with all the stars tweets from antics leading up to the show, who they were sitting by and who they were routing for. Here are some of last night's Twitter highlights:

@ladyantebellum: See Charles, Dave and Hillary's reaction after winning 5 Academy of Country Music awards last night in Vegas!!

@paisleyofficial: Playing guitar w @John_Fogerty last night was one of the highlights of my career. Thanks John.

@paisleyofficial: Thank you thank you thank you thank you my friends for such a great ride. My hair's still wet. Ha. Had a blast tonight. You?

@kelliepickler: WaHoooooooooo!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!!!

@LBTmusic: Congrats to Miranda_lambert for album of the deserve it! about

@sarahbuxton: Keith you're the bestestestestestest!!!!!!! REAL LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

@martinamcbride: Miranda's can't fake genuine....

@sarahbuxton: Yes yes yes, Miranda, thank you. SO REAL. So emotional. U got me cryin, thinkin of my grandma's house. Ur my fave.

@mallaryhope: david nail looked so cute !! love him.. so proud of him - Go UMGN!!

@davidnail: well the coolest thing was hear Lady A when I was announced! Thanks guy, I love all 3 of ya! Congrats!

@martinamcbride: I'm loving all these winners! Congrats. Lady A., Miranda, Luke.....Love it!

@JackIngram: Sitting next to Amy, my wife, who is right next to LL COOL J!!!! He's a bad dude!

@taylorswift13: I just drove past Brad Paisley jogging down the side of the road. I rolled down the window and screamed RUN FORREST RUN. I live for little moments like that

@paisleyofficial: Just got heckled by @taylorswift13 while I was jogging in Vegas. Life is like a box of chocolates...or a fairy tale…and you have to be fearless

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