Friday, April 30, 2010

Kid Rock takes on the CMT Awards, Gloriana speak out about the awards controversy, Plus, Brad is hilarious as always in Tonight's Tweets

Wow- this will be interesting to say the least...Kid Rock is hosting the CMT Awards. He confirmed it today saying, "The rumors are true – I'm hosting the CMT Awards live from Nashville on June 9th. All I can promise is I will be awesome." The CMT Awards are all fan voted so you can vote for your favorite nominees through May 3. Final nominees will be announced exclusively on Tuesday May 11 at 9 a.m. EST. The awards show airs June 9 at 8 p.m. EST on CMT.

Rascal Flatts will perform the national anthem at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville tomorrow.

Tom Gossin and Cheyenne Kimball of Gloriana visited the Crook & Chase studios in Nashville, Tenn., to speak for the first time about the recent controversy surrounding Tom's postings on Twitter following Luke Bryan's win at the ACM awards. Tom expressed his surprise that the meaning of his fan tweets got twisted out of context with such hurtful consequences, and why he is eager to face the situation head-on and let fans know what is really in his heart. So here's what Tom said, "I just remarked (to twitter fans upset that they didn't vote enough for them) that we were up against a great guy who's had a couple more years to gain momentum so we were up against somebody who was farther along a bigger artist, so it's not your (their fans) fault." Tom remarked that his tweet somehow morphed into a criticism of Luke on another blog, which wasn't what he intended. He added, "I was the first one to congratulate him backstage...and I called him about this and we're cool about all this with him." Cheyenne remarked she wouldn't have dissed Luke, "Because I think he's so hot! I told the band if we lose to Luke I'm happy!" Check out the video at

No doubt about it, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are beautiful. People magazine agrees and they are both on People 2010 list of the most beautiful people in the world.

Alan Jackson is contributing profits from his May 22 show at the Charleston Civic Center to a mining disaster fund overseen by the West Virginia Council of Churches. Twenty-nine miners died earlier this month in the worst mining disaster the U.S. has experienced in four decades.

Tonight's Tweets:

@BradPaisley: I believe I saw Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James on the trail today:

@BradPaisley: My current view.

@chuckwicksmusic: If your wondering if Kenny Rogers still has it?? Sold out...7k peeps!! I like it...

@JoeNichols: Want to win flowers to give to your mother on her special day? Find out how here! -

@TerriClarkMusic: Still going through boxes and bins in my basement. Thanks to everyone who gave me photo albums + scrapbooks over the years. However, I will say, I don't think I've ever seen so many pictures of my all its various sizes.

@Dolly_Parton: I was the first woman to burn my bra, it took the fire department four days to put it out.

@JackIngram: Just saw a show called "Pretty Wild"! Wow! Those girls got it goin on! They're gonna change the world! Who knew inspiration was a show away! (btw for those who don't follow Jack regulary- this is sarcasm lol)

@reba: Beautiful day in TN!!! Had fun doing 330 Sessions yesterday at CMT! Let u know when it's airing.

@cmorganmusic: Did a skydiving yesterday with an old buddy from Ft Bragg video posted later

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trace talks smack about Blake and in a twist of fate...gets punked by Martina. Plus, find out what's going on with Josh Turner and Joe Nichols.

Trace Adkins, says he knows why Blake Shelton is releasing another six pack album this summer, "He got half way through making his album and turkey season started and he didn't get to finish it and put out six songs, that's the truth." The real reason though...according to Blake, "It will be a six pack because it would be hard to walk away from doing that since the first one did so well."

Good news and bad news for Joe Nichols. The Broadway adaptation of the film Pure Country may not make it to the stage after all. Joe Nichols and Lorrie Morgan were set to star in the roles made famous by George Strait and Lesley Ann Warren but the economy has hurt NY theater and it's been pushed back...indefinitely. But it's not all bad news for Joe, he can console himself with the face that he just got his fourth No. 1 single with "Gimmie That Girl."

Josh Turner reveals some interesting facts about himself in the latest Country Weekly. First, he says he’s never carried a wallet and just puts what he needs in his pocket. Second, one of his biggest quirks is he always looking for a toothpick when leaving any restaurant no matter how fancy it is. And Third, he says if he could change places with anyone in the world, Josh answered his wife. Awww! He makes women swoon even more by saying, “I wonder what it would be like to be a wife and a mother. I think it would help make me a better person and husband.” He also gave some great advice to men...“If you don’t want to do the weekly chores just buy your wife really nice appliances.” Since he upgraded the family’s washer and dryer, Josh’s wife Jennifer won’t let him touch her new appliances which means he gets out of doing the laundry.

After Shania Twain was on American Idol this week contestant Casey James was kicking himself for not giving her a kiss. He tells US Magazine he didn’t hear Simon Cowell urging him to kiss Shania on Tuesday night’s show, and Ryan Seacrest badgered him about the missed opportunity during a commercial break. "I want them to crank up the monitors because if I had heard it, I would have laid a big one on her!"

If you caught Lady Antebellum’s performance of American Honey on the ACM awards, you saw that playing behind them on the big screen were old home videos. They are letting you get a closer look at those in their latest Webisode Wednesday.

When Trace Adkins took the stage for his last night on the Shine All Night tour with Martina McBride, he had to figure a practical joke was in the works. Even so, he was stopped in his tracks midway through "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" when McBride sauntered out and shook hers. "Did you see that?" he asked the crowd.

Tonight's Tweets:

@LBTmusic: Shooting the Little White Church video today...can't wait for you to see it.

@davidnail: It's snowing in Colorado!!! It's almost May! What the heck?

@Sugarlandmusic: Are You Ready? San Francisco couldn't be more beautiful. Tomorrow you all get to see our new machine! -Kristian

@JayDeMarcus: Thanks for the sweet comments about Idol... The song was faster due to time constraints.

@TerriClarkMusic: At Home Depot buying a baby Japanese Maple to plant in memory of my dear Mommy.

@LuckymanEddie: Hey everybody I'm in Nashville doing a photo shoot dammit dam sure shows how ugly my ass really is!!!! They even pulled out the high dollar cams on me!! Still didn't help!!!

@Miranda_Lambert: GIRLS SCOUTS COOKIES R SABATOGING MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO.(@katyperry) I feel ur pain... They r every girls enemy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Music from ZBB, Trace in the movies and Trisha on daytime tv!

Free Music from the Zac Brown Band! The guys are letting fans listen to their upcoming live CD and DVD combo, Pass the Jar, before they plunk down their cash to buy it on May 4th. Here's the link to the seven songs on Yahoo Music.

Trace Adkins has landed a role in the film The Lincoln Lawyer. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey as an attorney who practices out of his Lincoln Continental. The cast also includes Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy and John Leguizamo. Filming begins in Los Angeles in July.

We have a date! The CMT Crossroads episode starring Keith Urban and John Mayer is set to premiere on June 18th. Two of the best guitar players together...this is going to be a good one! They will perform each other's songs together including Keith's "Til Summer Comes Around" and "Sweet Thing" and John's "Perfectly Lonely" and "Gravity."

Tonight's Tweets:

@Trisha Yearwood: I taped the Bonnie Hunt show Monday in LA. She was just like I wanted her to! The show airs this Friday, April 30th on NBC. Check your local listings to find out what time! We made carrot cake! Check it out.

@glorianatheband: Getting reallly excited for our online chat tomorrow night!! All 43,331 of you better be there! we know u have internet! no excuse! : )

@BradPaisley: Shootin new video content for the big screens in the show on the h20 tour. Here's wooden mannequin BP. Sexy.

@BradPaisley: Oh,and also, one semester I got a D in guitar. It was for skipping classes but it was still a D. My parents just about pulled the plug there

@JackIngram: @joenichols song "Gimmie That Girl" is #1 this week! Probly will b next week too! Everybody send the love! Congratulations Joe!

@JoeNichols: Thank you @jackingram. You're a classy dude. Mucho appreciated.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a girl for one country star! Plus, Tonight's Tweets

Brad Paisley already worked with his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, once...guest starring on her show "According to Jim" and he hopes to collaborate again sometime on a movie. He told Country Weekly, "She's got some movies she's talking about directing and they will need some music. I'd love to be involved in that way." Brad is no stranger to movies himself...he debuted his short film, When Mom's Away at the Nashville Film Festival.

It's a girl for Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney and his wife Tiffany Fallon! They recently found out the sex of the baby and daddy couldn't be happier. Tiffany tells, "I think Joe Don was really hoping for a girl -- and he got his wish!" The couple has a 23-month old son, Jagger Donovan. Their daughter is due to arrive in September.

Wynonna's has a new album coming out of her biggest hits plus 3 never released ones. It's called Love Heals and it will be released exclusively through Cracker Barrel on May 24th. A portion of the sales proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

Tonight's Tweets:

@RandyHouser: Time to commence another liver whipping. Be drunk tweetin' later folks.

@DierksBentley: backstage with the guys getting ready for @jayleno. 1st time performing "up on the ridge" on tv. yall watch & let me know what you think!

@DierksBentley: - doing leno today...think jay needs to work on his parking skills

@taylorswift13:I'm pretty sure all of the woodland creatures of Hendersonville had a meeting and decided tonight they would ALL run out in front of my car.

...Thankfully, my cat-like reflexes and contact lenses prevented any fatalities.

@Miranda_Lambert: Cleaning Blakes house thoughts... by Miranda Lambert....what do vegans decorate their houses with?

@chuckwicksmusic: Whats songs are you Lovin right now!? I'm diggin: Train-Soul Sister Paisley-Water Mayer-Heartbreak Warfare

@Sugarlandmusic: Jennifer blogs from Las Vegas, Nevada "A Not-So-Day-In-The Life” -

@JoeNichols: Big thank you to everyone! Check out the video -

@JackIngram: Just saw a new "vampire" book! That's what we need! A new vampire series and another country song about the beach! And a new reality show...

...And more Ed Hardy designs! And more ugg boots styles! And more hype for 4th place American Idol singers! And more NHL playoff teams...MORE!

...Alright. Enuff of the smart ass for one morning! Seriously- the only thing I need more of this morn is airplay 4 my new old song Barbie Doll

Monday, April 26, 2010

Idol goes country and behind the scenes with Sugarland!

Sugarland is kicking off their Incredible Machine tour (and btw that will be the name of their new CD they are working on) They'll be coming to the Va Beach Amphitheater Sept. 24th and you can get a behind the scenes look into the Incredible Machine set from Jennifer and Kristian here.

Good news for Kenny Chesney...his Summer In 3-D movie earned more than $1 million in its first four days of release. According to Chesney's publicist, the film was also the No. 7 movie on its day of release. "When the director called to tell us our first night we'd out performed the entire theatrical showings of some very big acts, I was thrilled," Chesney said. If you haven't had the chance to see it yet...hurry it only runs through this Sunday 5/2).

Tim McGraw is on the big screen too...he just finished filming his part in the upcoming movie Dirty Girl, starring William H. Macy, Milla Jovovich, Mary Steenburgen and Dwight Yoakam. Tim says the movie is both funny and dramatic.

Check out the latest issue of Country Weekly for Miranda Lambert and her mom. The two will be featured on the cover of the Mother's Day issue, on stands May 3rd.

Don't forget American Idol is going country this week with Shania Twain as the mentor tomorrow night and Wednesday night Lady Antebellum will perform "Need You Now" Normally I never watch results night since it's so long and drawn out...but if Lady A is on I will have to make an exception.

Tonight's Tweets:

@darrylworley: Off to Iraq to entertain those awesome soldiers...

@chuckwicksmusic: I just ordered Alaskan King Crab legs straight off the boat from the show the "Deadliest Catch"!! That just happened!!!

@ladyantebellum: Free guitar lesson courtesy of Dave Haywood!! Check out this video and learn how to play "American Honey" yourself!
@JackIngram: Check out this interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Martina McBride pokes fun at Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, plus Rascal Flatts and Shania Twain back on Idol and Tonight's Tweets

Martina McBride hijacked Blake Shelton's weekly "Take 6" video series...funniest part for me, when she talks about how many people un follow Blake on twitter after he offends them...funny because I was one of those people lol. Love his music just not his tweets :) Check out the video of Martina, which includes an extended clip of Luke Bryan dancing in a leotard...awesome. Is it just me or does Luke's dancing remind you of a chicken more than Beyonce?

The guys of Rascal Flatts are coming back to American Idol on April 28. They will perform Unstoppable and will join Shakira on her song Gypsy.

Shania Twain is also coming back to Idol next week as the mentor. Hmm...does this mean it's country week?

Jason Aldean continues to make the rounds on late night talk shows tonight...he's on on the Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

Tonight's Tweets:

@bradpaisley: If I was gonna add an uptempo album cut from an older album to the show this summer what should it be? Too many to choose from. Solution? 6hour and 30 minute show. Bring a pillow and a blanket.

@darrylworley: I've been feeling like my rights to worship freely were being infringed on. I got together with a couple friends and wrote a song about it.

@darrylworley: The song is called "Keep the Change" and you will be hearing it soon. I think this will be the biggest hit we have had since "Have You Forg"

@ladyantebellum: To all my guitar players: got an instructional video for American Honey I'm wrapping up, probably up by Monday online for you!!! –Dave

@DierksBentley: - to quote the movie old school: "ahh denver, the sunshine state"

@Jason_Aldean: Just rolled in to Sacramento and hope its warmer than LA! Cold ass weather and no sun in LA?? What gives??? Caught Lakers playoff game thou

@davidnail: I woke up and thought Tebow 1st rounder was a dream, nope, it was real! Idiots!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alan Jackson's career highlights, and a surprising fact about George Jones.

Randy Houser is offering a free ringtone of his laugh in exchange for 2010 CMT Music Awards votes. If you haven't heard it yet check it out here. Alright now you want that as your ringtone? Just cast your ballot for "Boots On" in the USA Weekend Breakthrough Video Of The Year category here, then text in all caps "IVOTEDRH" to 66937 to receive the free tone.

Tomorrow check out Jason Aldean on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS and Rascal Flatts will be on ABC's Food Revolution.

Alan Jackson just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he says it was one of his three career highlights. The other two...playing the Grand Ole Opry and winning a Country Music Association Award, because it’s the one most embraced by Nashville. But now that he’s done all that, he says life is pretty boring. When he’s not recording or touring, he’s usually piddling around the house or enjoying his hobbies.

If you've ever noticed Lady A's Hillary Scott has a tattoo of the number 14 on her wrist here's the meaning behind it...she says it's a reminder of her sister who is 14 years younger than her. Fourteen was also the age she felt called to pursue a career in music.

George Jones's a shocker...he can't play guitar. In fact, his band members took George’s guitar away from him because they said he was messing them up during live performances trying to play it. Don't they know he's George Jones, he can do whatever he wants...including play the guitar badly lol.

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: Met an elderly lady (Betty) in target and she asked me-"do you think giraffes will be in heaven?" Me-"absolutely!" Betty-"Lord, I hope so!"’

@JayDeMarcus: Who's ready for the draft??

@chuckwicksmusic: A booth full of Grandma's behind me are talking about their Facebook pgs!? Awesome!! My gma would be all about it if she were still round!;)

@chuckwicksmusic: Check that...they could have Great Grandmother Status..I'm gonna ask them to be my facebook friend. :)

@JoeNichols: If you happen to come across the latest People Country Magazine check it out for a little surprise.

@whitneyduncan: Thx!!! :) RT @ladyantebellum: Man there's some really really great songs on the new @WhitneyDuncan record. Make sure you check it out! –Dave

@LuckymanEddie: U know GOD has my back today,,, I'm gonna LIVE so LIFE and riase so HELL!!!!

Slickdeals for Earth Day

Lot's of Earth Day Freebies available!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Videos galore and Tonight's Tweets

Did you miss Jason Aldean on Lopez Tonight last worries...check it out here:

Fall asleep before Miranda Lambert played on the Late Show with Craig ya go:

And since it's wednesday for Lady A fans you know what that means...Webisode Wednesday. Check out their behind the scenes look at the ACM awards including Charles soaking're welcome ladies :)

Tonight's Tweets:

@BradPaisley: Hey! I'm verified! Im verified! Now you know it's really me! Oh $&@+ you know it's really me.

@darrylworley: We r about to record a song that will be my next single. It has already been agreed on by all the powers. It is generating great excitement. There has not been this much excitement around a song of mine since "Have You Forgotten". It'll make many smile and piss some off.

@ladyantebellum: Dave writes about Lady A's weekend in Vegas in his new blog post, "Soaking up the ACM's." Read it & leave comments!

@davidnail: BIg Ben got what he deserves, no way he's innocent of ignorance, and if you're gonna be that high profile, you deserve what you get!

@JayDeMarcus: Hard Lesson: You can't always make everybody happy, no matter how hard you try...

@martinamcbride: Big day today! Working on a new Moment, singing a little @ the studio, then hanging out with friends tonight. Sounds perfect!

@JustinColeMoore: Btw-wanna thank country radio, my fans, and my record label for makin backwoods my second top 10 hit! Yal have all made my dreams com true

@kelliepickler: the imaginarium of doctor parnassus might be my favorite movie. crazy good. two words-heath and johnny.

Monday, April 19, 2010

ACM Recap

ACM awards were last night and I was so happy with Miranda Lambert and Lady A's wins. Favorite performances of the night were Miranda, Jack Ingram and Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban. Least favorite performance of the night for me...Laura Bell Bundy...sorry I just don't get it. I would've rather seen somebody like Martina McBride, Craig Morgan, Josh Turner, or Chris Young perform one of their hit songs from this past year.

Best joke of the night...Brad Paisley asking Matthew Mcconaughey to borrow his shirt after jumping in the pool...since he never wears one. And saying that his wife thinks he's the better kisser.

Worst joke of the night...Reba making a fat joke at Kristie Alley's expense. I just thought it was mean and unnecessary. And Kristie was apparently watching and agreed. She tweeted "@reba wow...thought we girls would stick time you need a fat joke about me, just ask...Mine are funny."

Lots of stars talking today about their reaction to the awards last night, including Charles Kelly of Lady A. He spoke to Country Weekly and said, "I told Miranda going in, I really genuinely want you to win this award because you deserve it. I’m buddies with Luke, I’m buddies with Miranda and I was genuinely rooting for these people and they won and then we won, too. It made for one of those nights where everything came together exactly like you could have wished for it to come together. It was great.“ Read more of the story, including how he ended up in the pool later on in the night here

Keith Urban put on a great performance but didn't walk away a winner...he sent a message to his fans about what he thought of not getting Entertainer of the Year

Twitter was active last night with all the stars tweets from antics leading up to the show, who they were sitting by and who they were routing for. Here are some of last night's Twitter highlights:

@ladyantebellum: See Charles, Dave and Hillary's reaction after winning 5 Academy of Country Music awards last night in Vegas!!

@paisleyofficial: Playing guitar w @John_Fogerty last night was one of the highlights of my career. Thanks John.

@paisleyofficial: Thank you thank you thank you thank you my friends for such a great ride. My hair's still wet. Ha. Had a blast tonight. You?

@kelliepickler: WaHoooooooooo!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!!!

@LBTmusic: Congrats to Miranda_lambert for album of the deserve it! about

@sarahbuxton: Keith you're the bestestestestestest!!!!!!! REAL LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

@martinamcbride: Miranda's can't fake genuine....

@sarahbuxton: Yes yes yes, Miranda, thank you. SO REAL. So emotional. U got me cryin, thinkin of my grandma's house. Ur my fave.

@mallaryhope: david nail looked so cute !! love him.. so proud of him - Go UMGN!!

@davidnail: well the coolest thing was hear Lady A when I was announced! Thanks guy, I love all 3 of ya! Congrats!

@martinamcbride: I'm loving all these winners! Congrats. Lady A., Miranda, Luke.....Love it!

@JackIngram: Sitting next to Amy, my wife, who is right next to LL COOL J!!!! He's a bad dude!

@taylorswift13: I just drove past Brad Paisley jogging down the side of the road. I rolled down the window and screamed RUN FORREST RUN. I live for little moments like that

@paisleyofficial: Just got heckled by @taylorswift13 while I was jogging in Vegas. Life is like a box of chocolates...or a fairy tale…and you have to be fearless

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lady A on Idol, Who's out at Lyric Street? And Tonight's Tweets

So happy Lady A are taking the Idol stage soon...after almost having to sit through Ke$ha on elimination night (thank god for DVR and the ability to fast forward) I had given up on watching Idol on elimination night. Will have to change that soon though. Lady Antebellum have pre-recorded a performance of "Need You Now" for an upcoming episode of FOX's American Idol. Air date is TBA.

Another reason to thank my DVR...Jack Ingram is going to be on CBS' The Early Show tomorrow morning...and we all know I do not get up early :)

I was telling you yesterday about the shake-up in Nashville with Lyric Street Records closing down. Word is now that Bucky Covington, Kevin Fowler, and Tyler Dickerson will shift from Lyric Street Records to other imprints within the Disney Music Group, following Rascal Flatts'lead. Not great news though for three of the label's other acts, Sarah Buxton, Love and Theft and The Parks, have been dropped. Boo! I love Sarah Buxton! I hope someone picks her up quick!

Check out the latest issue of Vogue magazine for more of Taylor Swift. She talks about her love of wearing sparkly dresses, her new home and her upcoming album, which is due out this fall.

Don't forget, Trace Adkins is back on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday (4/18) as a boardroom adviser to Donald Trump. Luke Bryan and Emily West will also be part of the episode geared toward marketing a country star.

Tonight's Tweets:

@paisleyofficial: Some woman, somewhere in the world right now, probably without knowing it, is destined to be the next Mrs Larry King. Luckeeeeeee!!!

@paisleyofficial: So any1 who can figure out the fast guitarpart @ the end of my water vid( a prize-&then I need U 2 show me WTH I played

@leannrimes: Vegas flights are always NUTS! This plane is loud! Not saying we're not part of it!

@ladyantebellum: Check out a couple pics from last night's Wiltern show with our special guests @KrisAllen and @JoshGroban!!

@reba: Check out this video: A Message from Melissa Peterman -

@TimMcGrawArtist: TV ALERT! Tim and the Dancehall Doctors perform on the ACM Awards this Sunday, April 18 at 8/7 CST on CBS!

@RandyHouser: go vote for the boots on video at! I want to win the fan voted award more than any other y'all! Use every email address u got

@rascalflatts: Headin to Vegas. We will see ya on tv Sunday probably wont win but we will sing unstoppable perty for yuns holla atcha boys

@JackIngram:Watchin Crazy Heart 4 the 1st time! Wow! Very familiar and good. Sittin in Vegas and watchin a movie bout the real deal. Nice.

@mallaryhope: Dear fellas, 'how you doin' is not a good start with me.. Sorry. Haha! Try again please.

@darrylworley: This country music stuff is hard work. Vegas is crawling with country music fans. I love 'em very much and appreciate their support. Gamble?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More ACM details, big changes in Nashville and Tonight's Tweets have the artists talking about it

More details about the ACM awards this Sunday...Taylor Swift will perform with a sixteen voice group called The Tritones. Taylor caught the group’s performance on YouTube singing her song You Belong With Me a capella. The group is out of San Diego State University.

Speaking of Tayor, it's certainly been a big year for her professionally...and personally. She turns 21 later this year (geez, doesn't it seem like she was just 16?!) and she bought her own place. Yeah, she's got enough money to buy something big and expensive but she told that her new penthouse condo in Nashville isn't as huge as one would think. "It's not giant. I didn't want to have to MapQuest to get to the kitchen."

There's a lot of debate these days about what's country and what's not. Zac Brown solved the debate for himself by saying he doesn't consider himself a country artist. He told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "I am a 'Southern' artist. Being from the South, it instills a sense of love and respect for each other ... I grew up on good music, and was a big fan of people like the Indigo Girls, Matthew Kahler, and, of course, the Allman Brothers. But I like all kinds of music."

There have been a lot of shake ups the last few days in the music of which is Lyric Street Records closing it's doors, which is home to Bucky Covington, Sarah Buxton, Love and Theft and of course Rascal Flatts. The guys in RF issued a statement today saying, "Although we are saddened for the people at Lyric Street whom we have worked so closely with over the last 10 years, we are still very much excited about the new album we are currently making and bringing that new music to our fans." Flatts won't be without a label- Disney will move them over to another one of their labels. No word on what will happen to Bucky, Sarah or Love and Theft though.

Tonight's Tweets:

@martinamcbride: Oh my God!Loretta Lynn JUST called me on my cell. "Martina. This is Loretta Lynn. I love you." Wowwoww! Guess what I said? "I love you too!"

@JoeNichols: Guess who's on the cover of Country Weekly? -

@paisleyofficial: Heres the water video. Go get wet:

@sarahbuxton: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Wow, things are changing remarkably in my life & each hour lends new possibilities. 2010 ROCKS!

@JackIngram: Big changes goin on n Nashchill this mornin!Labels dyin,execs flyin,artists cryin.-Buckle your iPods music fans!The times- they r a changed!

@LuckymanEddie: Hellyeah on my way to vegas baby!!! Let the drinks and the blackjack start flowin!!!

@kelliepickler: Just took a trip to the 80s in "hot tub time machine" loved it!!

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Before you go shopping, be sure to check out for coupons to various retailers

ACM at your own risk ;)

A few days ago I posted Luke Byran's hilarious video asking for votes to win the ACM New Artist of the Year and now with just a few days to go before the awards are handed out (Sunday 8pm, CBS) his fellow nominees are getting in on the action.

Here's Gloriana...umm...not asking your vote.

And here's fellow nominees Joey and Rory

Joey+Rory's "RussDriver" washes the bus for votes! from Joey + Rory on Vimeo.

and in case you missed it...this was Luke's video

You decide who wins Top New Artist and Entertainer of the Year! Vote for your favorites at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting ready for the ACMs this Sunday plus King George reigns!

The ACM awards are Sunday night and CBS is getting you ready for it with their online series "Road to the ACM Awards." Today's episode features Josh Thompson documenting his first trip to the ACMs. Other clips in the series feature Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Gloriana.

They don't call him King George for nothing! George Strait has made history by becoming the first act to hit the Top 10 on any Billboard chart for 30 years straight. His latest single, "I Gotta Get to You," which clocks in at number nine on the country charts, puts him in the books -- it's his 82nd Top 10 country hit.

Toby Keith is joining with the Academy of Country Music's charitable arm, Lifting Lives, to raise money for cancer research. Toby will perform his single "Cryin' for Me," which honors his friend, basketball great and jazz artist Waymon Tisdale, at Sunday's awards telecast. Tisdale died last year of complications from cancer treatments. Fans can download the song and video of the performance from iTunes. All proceeds benefit Stand Up to Cancer, an organization that raises funds for cancer research.

Remember Jason Castro (dreadlocks guy from American Idol)? Well he went country...for one day at least. Jason got married last week and told Us magazine that he sang to his bride at their wedding..."I sang a country song that goes, 'All I can think about is getting you home.'" That would be Chris Young's big hit "Getting You Home"

The "Toyota Concert Series on Today" has been announced and will include some country performances. Rascal Flatts (June 11), Carrie Underwood (July 30) and Keith Urban (Aug. 20)

People Magazine is offering a new free 10 song Country Music Sampler This includes Matt Kennon's big hit "The Call" plus music from Danny Gokey and more!

Tonight's Tweets:

@paisleyofficial: Out picking up some last minute items, gearin' up for the big h20 tour.

@glorianatheband: Guys- we are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight 12AM/11PM CST! We're performing The World Is Ours Tonight!!

@taylorswift13: In Dillard's. Counting the number of times my mom has said the word 'slacks' in the last five minutes.

@jakeofficial: My fortune tonight from my cookie.. Well stated.. Fowler's fortune(my tour manager) I'm still laughing

@RandyHouser: I nominate me to take over Sony BMG. lol

@mallaryhope: Trying on a dress in the dressing room 4year old random Bella says 'mal you look like Lady Ga Ga' hmm. Ok thanks!THAT is all I needed 2hear

@leannrimes: Love Rihanna! She's a doll! She hunted me down in the bathroom at the Dodgers game yesterday to say hi. First time meeting her.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No red high heels in Kellie Pickler's Trace returns to Celebrity Apprentice and what was Tim left out of?!

Tim McGraw's movie Flicka is back...but without Tim. Clint Black will play the lead role in the straight to DVD release Flicka 2. There will still be a premiere though in Nashville April 27 and will be available through Walmart and Sam's Club on May 4.

No red high heels for Kellie Pickler anytime soon. Kellie took a fall outside a wedding chapel in Las Vegas and had to perform a pair of shows seated because of the swelling. She hopes to be in full form for her stops on the Fearless tour later this week. Now the question is...what was Kellie doing outside a wedding chapel in Vegas? Hmm...

Carrie Underwood is about to be married...but she's not acting like an old married woman any time soon. For her "Play On" tour, she's shaking up her good girl image with some seriously sexy looks. The costume designer for So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol helped her create this amped up look which includes a super-tight, black spandex catsuit. Carrie wears a total of 14 separate costumes and 29 different looks throughout the show. You can check out the new PEOPLE Country issue to see more of Carrie's costumes.

Trace Adkins is returning to Celebrity Apprentice. He will be Donald Trump's boardroom advisor on this Sunday's episode, overseeing the teams as they create new images for Luke Bryan and Emily West. Trace, of course, was a runner-up to Piers Morgan during the 2008 Apprentice season.

Tonight's Tweets:

@glorianatheband: Soundcheck at Jimmy Kimmel!!!

@ladyantebellum: Taping Leno here in a few min, can't wait!!!!

@LuckymanEddie: Wow big week getting nevous can't sleep!!! TheACMs is the bomb it's the real deal!!!

@LBTmusic: Thanks for pushing Little White Church up the charts. Love you guys. Did we mention we're shooting a video after the ACM's?

@TYcom: I know I'm a cookbook author, but everything doesn't have to be from scratch...having a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart right now....yum.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are there wedding bells in Kenny's future? and what does Miranda Lambert want most this weekend? Plus, Tonight's Tweets

Kenny Chesney is taking the summer off this year...and it's not going to feel like summer without a Kenny show to me! But I guess he deserves some rest...and a personal life so we'll forgive him :) He says this hiatus has given him the opportunity to be more involved his two-year relationship with Amy Colley, but don't expect wedding bells anytime soon. He told People magazine, "It's not like I'm taking a year off so I can get married again, 'cause that could or couldn't happen. But I want to put myself in a position to do it if it did happen. I want to put myself in a position to have a relationship in my life."

Miranda Lambert is up for six awards at the ACMs this Sunday but there's one she wants to win the most. She tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Female Vocalist is huge, but I honestly wouldn't feel right winning that because Reba and Carrie and Lee Ann Womack are in that ... but Album of the Year is huge for me. I loved Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I love Revolution even more." Go Miranda- I love it too!

Tonight's Tweets:

@reba: Be sure and watch the ACM's this Sunday night on CBS. It's my 12th year to host!

@paisleyofficial: I need to verify my account. Feels like I'm not sure if I'm me. However: if I verify it, then I'm REALLY accountable when I say dumb things.

@LukeBryanOnline: Check out this video: LBTV 2010! Flag Football -

@davidnail: At the voice doctor hoping everything's okay!

@davidnail: waiting to get my hair cut, glad to be out of doctor without any MAJOR issues, still nerveracking however!

@ladyantebellum: Wow, we cannot believe it... "American Honey" is #1! Lady A fans are truly amazing!!! Thank you so much for your support! We love y'all!

@whitneyduncan: Heading over to GAC today to shoot some fun stuff...what a beautiful Monday!!!

@mallaryhope: Why yes, I am having steamed broccoli & cauliflower for breakfast. And oh you bet your sweet dumplins' , it IS delicious..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lady A remake Easton Corbin's hit...all in good fun and I've got the video. Plus, Blake Shelton helps you tell off your boss!

Hilarious! Lady A take on Easton Corbin

hmm...argyle and non-fat mochas...two of my favorite things. Oh well, I can be preppy and love country too :) Easton didn't mind the remake too much either he just tweeted "Hey @ladyantebellum Just saw the video. Thanks for the shout out. I should start doing that version too, so I don't leave anybody out."

Big congratulations to Alan Jackson! He's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 16th. His star will shine on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Hard Rock Hollywood.

It seems like it's been a while since we've heard new stuff from Montgomery Gentry but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer. Troy Gentry tells the California Chronicle, "We've been in the studio a little bit over a year working on this new project ... I think we're about to put the final touches on two of the last four songs."

Meet Little Big Town’s Newest Member: Elijah Dylan

Some fans have set up a Facebook page to try and get Martina McBride nominated for the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year later this year. Join the fight at

One of my all time favs, Jack Ingram, will perform a pair of songs on the CBS Early Show April 17. Yeah! Most people have only heard of Jack in the last couple of years but I've been a fan since he gave us "Barbie Doll" 10 years ago so I'm really excited to learn that is what he's going to perform it on the ACM Awards! He redid this song as a duet with Dierks Bentley for his latest album, Big Dreams & High Hopes, and Dierks will help him out on it at the awards show.

Ever want to tell someone to kiss your country ____....maybe your boss or ex? Well Blake Shelton’s helping you out with a personalized video you can send to whoever you want. Check it out here

Speaking of Blake, he'll be a Price Is Right model – yes, you read that correctly – during next Friday's (4/16) episode of the Price is Right on CBS. Since the ACM awards are airing on CBS April 18th- Blake will help promote the awards show by presenting a prize in a unique fashion…and if Blake’s involved I’m sure it will be unique. The showcases will also be country-themed, with one winner receiving a trip to the ACMs next Sunday (4/18) in Las Vegas.

The 1972 Monte Carlo seen in Martina McBride's "Wrong Baby Wrong" video is being offered in CMT's "Car Baby Car Sweepstakes." Enter to win by May 23 at

Tonight's Tweets:

@LuckymanEddie: Sitting on the bus workin on new set list for countrythrwdown tour!!!!can't wait count down the days!!

@paisleyofficial: Just finishing up the Water video. It has fired me up so much for the tour.

@DierksBentley: you know you've been playing too much xbox NHL '10 when you need a cold beer to ice down your hand

@jodeemessina: Nothing says sexy like spaghetti sauce and grahm crackers on the front of your blouse

@sarahbuxton: - Mt. Rushmore!

@LukeBryanOnline: Hey y'all. Go see the new don't vote video on my website got some Awesome folks in it. Thank You for voting.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shania is stepping back into the spotlight while The Judds are getting ready to step out

Oprah is creating a new show and Shania Twain is going to part of it! It's a reality of five original series to premiere on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011 (on what is now the Discovery Health Channel) The show is called "Why Not? With Shania Twain" and it's an hour-long program that shows her journey back to the spotlight after the breakup of her 14-year marriage to Mutt Lange. I hope she speeds up that journey soon! Oprah says, "My vision for OWN is to create a network that inspires our viewers and makes them want to be who they are on their best day,"

For their final tour as a duo, the Judds are offering a prize package to the fan who submits the winning name for the tour. A mention in the 2010 Commemorative Judds Tour book, a personal video "Thank You" message and $500 in tour merchandise are on the line. Learn more and register at by April 23 to be eligible.

Tonight's Tweets:

@paisleyofficial: My thoughts and prayers go out to all the WV miner's families.

@RandyHouser: New single "I'm All About It" up on MySpace now! Give it a listen over at What do you think of it?

@LuckymanEddie: One of these don't belong wonder witch one???? O hell it's got to be the wine!!!!

@JackIngram: Want an inside tip?! Wanna feel better?! Listen 2 "Barbie Doll"! Scream along!Tell every1 u know.Think of it as Group Therapy!You're wlcome!

@JackIngram: Talk @ group therapy!... 15-18 million peeps screaming 2gether on April 18 when I play "Barbie Doll" w/ Dierks on ACM show on CBS! Gonnabfun

@JackIngram: Today at the Masters... Tiger's 1st 3some since Thanksgiving!

@saraevansmusic: Thank you @tonydovolani for those sweet things you said about me and my family in your interview! Just in case you guys wanna read what Tony said:

@Miranda_Lambert: Cher with her Grandma!!!

@sarahbuxton: next backstage hang/chat is going to be saturday night 8pm mountain time (9pm Central)

My lol cat

since I love I had to make my own submission. Now if people like it enough, I'll get put on the homepage. I feel like I'm back in middle school waiting to see if I get picked for the kickball team lol

moar funny pictures

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miranda tweets about a new addition to the family, plus sad news for Collin Raye and bad news for Mindy McCready.

Sad news for Collin Raye. His nine-year-old granddaughter, Haley Bell, passed away April 3 after battling neurological problems most of her life. A foundation is expected to be created in the coming months as well as a possible benefit concert.

Trisha Yearwood is already an author of cookbooks and now she's going to be writing a column for People Country this summer. It will focus on cooking and recipes and you'll be able to submit questions to her too. The first segment will appear in the July 18 issue, on newsstands in June. To submit questions, just send them to

The boys in the Zac Brown Band will head to the Persian Gulf for their third USO Tour.

Thank goodness! The release of that Mindy McCready sex tape has been delayed. Let's hope it stays that way! Vivid Entertainment says it has pushed back the April 19th release to get its legal ducks in a row. Mindy's not denying that the tape exists...she just says that it was stolen from her, "Everything that I have ever owned, every picture I’ve taken, every piece of clothing I have ever bought, every award I’ve won, everything. My mom’s best friend was supposed to store it from me in a storage facility which she owned." She also says the tape's release isn't a marketing ploy, "This has not been a media stunt. This was not a planned thing...In light of all the changes I’ve tried to make and worked so hard to make a reality, it’s quite insulting for people to think I would do something like this on purpose for headlines." Mindy just wrapped up a stint on Celebrity Rehab and she's fighting to get custody of her four-year-old son back from her mother. She says, "That’s a delicate matter. My mom and I are arguing over that situation. Me putting out some kind of a tape like that would be the worst thing I could ever do at this time regarding that situation.”

Tonight's Tweets:

@Miranda_Lambert: I just adopted this. Blakes mom Dorothy and I are sharing her. Her name is Cher!

@Miranda_Lambert: She is a tea cup chiuhuahua that was found in the dumpster. Muttnation foundation rolls on!!!!!

@martinamcbride: In a truckstop on our way to Colorado. Magazine selection....bleak.

@KeithUrban: spending the day songwriting and doing interviews in Nashville...maybe I'll see you out and about

@kelliepickler: Vegetarian burrito from Chipotle. Yummmmy.

@TYcom: I'm on my way to Barnes & Noble

@JackIngram: Wanna know more about me? Here's the 1st of 3 parts of a TV special I did with CMC in Oz before my tour Down Under

@ClayWalker: The video for "She Won't Be Lonely Long" is complete. You can see it on beginning this Monday!

@reba: Big thanks to everyone at Dancing With The Stars! You all were so nice to my band, crew and me! Great show!!!

@sarahbuxton: Young kids of america, wear suncreen every day. Spf 30 or higher! Protect your skin. I didn't & I wish I had!

@LBTmusic: Live chat with Kimberly tomorrow night at 6pm cst on ustream. You've got her all to yourselves!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Woa- I didn't even recognize this country star with his new do- you?!

He's looking good but it took me 3 glances to realize it's Jason Michael Carrol! What do you think his new look? Here's a reminder of what he looked like before...

Miranda Lambert's video for The House That Built Me made its debut today on iTunes and will have a 48 hour window of exclusivity on the site. As an added bonus, Miranda's album Revolution will be available through the site for $7.99 this week.

Well Miranda is the face of cotton...another country star will be the new face for Velveeta Shells and Cheese...Rodney Atkins. Rodney will be appearing in commercials starting next month. For the campaign he wrote a song titled Get Together. This will be the first time Velveeta has partnered with a country star.

Kenny Chesney is helping the Nature Valley National Parks Project raise money for restoration projects at America's National Parks. Through May 9th, you can buy tickets to see Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D at and $1 will be donated to the cause.

Man, this would've been the show to see! During Reba McEntire's show Friday night in Knoxville, Tennessee. She teamed up with tour partner Lee Ann Womack on a duet of "Does He Love You." Reba also brought surprise guests Brooks & Dunn on stage to perform "Cowgirls Don't Cry," followed by Kelly Clarkson, who joined her for their hit "Because of You." Hopefully we'll see some youtube videos of this pop up soon!

The Band Perry (Hip to My Heart) released their five song EP, through iTunes today. The full debut album will be released this summer.

Wynonna's book The Restless Heart hit stores today. It's about a 16-year-old girl with stars in her eyes trying to make it in the music business. The character is fictional, but the concept is based on Wy’s life.

Tonight's Tweets:

@davidnail: Virgina Beach! Here's to hoping we're staying on the beach!

@JackIngram: Just saw a "Invitation Only: Keith Urban", a acstc set, on tv. Don't see him much but man, that guy kicks ace! I can say that I am a big fan

@kelliepickler: online looking at bicycles. I want a cruiser. w/a bell.

@kelliepickler: It should be a crime for me to have to be up before 2pm. Just saying.

@RandyHouser: think I might have to ride my bike today. Another awesome day in Nashville.

@sarahbuxton: So glad there's no wasp-rights-activists, bc I've killed about 30 of them in the last 36 hrs. And what is UP with THAT??

@LuckymanEddie: Hey been can't wait new cd countrythrwdown tour O HELLYEAH!!! Can u say it's a PARTY and I'll DRINK IF I WANT TO!!!!

@leannrimes: I shot a guest spot on a pilot called InSecurity today. It was a blast!

Monday, April 5, 2010

CMT Music Award nominees announced...and you decide who wins. Plus, Reba and Trisha on tv tomorrow and Tonight's Tweets

For someone who doesn't want a lot of media attention about her wedding, Carrie Underwood sure is talking about it a lot. Not that we mind :) Carrie said recently she won't mix business with her upcoming wedding by singing herself. She tells Fox 411, "That's my job ... I mean I love to sing around the house, but no, no singing."

Lots of different opinions in the country about the health care bill and one country star spoke out in favor of it. Tim McGraw applauds President Obama for getting the health care bill passed. Tim, who grew up without health insurance, told Self magazine, "If you save at all, you are saving in case a medical emergency happens. People that are now covered won't have to worry ... that is now money that they can actually spend and put into the economy or that they can save for their retirement."

Reba McEntire will perform "Consider Me Gone" and "I Want a Cowboy" on tomorrow's Dancing With the Stars results show. The show airs at 8 p.m. on ABC...gotta set my DVR!

Something else to set the DVR for...Trisha Yearwood will be stopping by Good Morning America and The View tomorrow to celebrate the release of her new cookbook, Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood...which not so coincidentally hits stores tomorrow!

If you bought the new Lady A album, April's free bonus song is available now! Download "American Honey" LIVE here:

Online voting has opened for the first round of 2010 CMT Music Awards nominees here, and will run through May 3. Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum and Sugarland each received four nominations. Video of the Year nominees are Aldean's "The Truth," Kenny Chesney's "Out Last Night," Toby Keith's "American Ride," Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now," Miranda Lambert's "White Liar," Brad Paisley's "Welcome To The Future," Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me," Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova," Keith Urban's "Til Summer Comes Around" and Zac Brown Band's "Toes." The finalists will be announced May 11 except for Video, which will be revealed at the beginning of the CMT MAs. Winners will be revealed live from Nashville June 9 on CMT and

Congratulations to Love And Theft's Eric Gunderson and new wife Emily Hagar, who got married Saturday.

Thoughts and prayers are with Terri Clark, whose mother Linda Clark passed away last night.

Tonight's Tweets:

@KeithUrban: "I love touring more than anything musically, to get out and play live and be a part of it with all of you out there, is the ultimate."

@ladyantebellum: Lady A is up for 4 CMT Music Awards for their "American Honey" and "Need You Now" videos! Vote now!

@RandyHouser: I'm gonna pimp myself on this. I wanna win the CMT video award.

@taylorswift13: I rode an elevator with a guy who was whistling the tune of 'this is the song that never ends'. Putting that on me? Come on dude..

@sarahbuxton: Lord have mercy, I'm about to go buy my 1st bathroom fixtures of my life! Showerhead, faucets ect Im a grown up 4 realz!

@JoeNichols: Hanging out on the field with Arizona DBacks at batting practice.

: WaHoooo!!! Just found out that "didn't you know how much I loved you" & "best days of your life" are nominated 4 the CMT awards! cool beans!

@LuckymanEddie: Hey everyone follow countrythrwdown tour on twitter!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Luke Bryan impersonates Beyonce- see the video!

Luke Bryan is up for the ACM Top New Artist awards and he enlisted some big stars to get the word out...after all it's up to the fans to vote and decide whether he wins or not. Don't blink or you'll miss Luke dressed up like Beyonce for her "Single Ladies" video! I just wish we got to see more of that lol

Look for Kenny Chesney on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno April 15th. He's going to talk about his new movie, Summer In 3-D, and perform too. You can look for Kenny on your phone too! He's launching a new, improved i-Phone app, which will allow you to continue to listen to his "No Shoes Radio" even if you're using the phone for other things. The new app will include the old features like access to tickets and a GPS route to get to the shows. The new app launches on April 9th -- the same day he'll be on Oprah.

In case you were wondering, that's not Carrie Underwood's dog, Ace, who appears with her in a Pedigree ad inside the latest issue of OK Magazine. While the magazine had claimed it was Ace, they are now apologizing and clarifying that is not. Ok Magazine lied about something, I'm in shock! Yes, that's sarcasm :)

Kellie Pickler is getting some new wheels. She is in the process of designing a new tour bus and wants French antique furniture. Kellie says she doesn't plan to share her bus because she wants the freedom to get up in the middle of the night and not have to worry about what she's wearing -- and she can't do that in a bus full of guys

Darius Rucker has been keeping up with American Idol...even the first episodes with all the bad people! He says he doesn't blame those Idol hopefuls who can't carry a tune for auditioning anyway -- he blames the people around them! He tells OK magazine, "'I'm not mad at them. I'm mad at their parents and their friends and their brother and sister who say, 'Hey, you can sing.' Those are the people you should be mad at." Darius is pulling for Andrew Garcia in this year's competition. You had me Darius until you picked Andrew over my girl Crystal.

Zac Brown is giving away an autographed copy of his Southern Ground cookbook and all you have to do is video tape yourself making his famous pocketknife coleslaw. You can find the recipe on ZBB's My Space page.

Tonight's Tweets:

@paisleyofficial: Took this picture at our pond today. Frog porn. Yeah baby. Take that Miss Piggy.

@TerriClarkMusic: Thanks to everyone who has been keeping my Mother and our family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

@taylorswift13: Kansas City has so many fountains! I love fountains!

@LukeBryanOnline: Check out this video: I need your help!

@sarahbuxton: Nothing like combing the house w a trash bag or 6 and throwing things away... Bye bye clutter. Bye bye.

@martinamcbride: @sarahbuxton That's what I did today! Got rid of so much stuff. But it doesn't really look any different. :(

@DierksBentley: still coming down off of hearing my new songs on nashville radio this morning. going to celebrate with my swa free drink coupons

@JackIngram: The ACM Awards are in a few weeks. It's going to be a bad ass night! It's on CBS and I will be there.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Behind the scenes with Kenny plus more wedding details from Carrie and Tonight's Tweets...and yes Brad is hilarious yet again

Kenny Chesney is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming 3-D movie and gave us a sneak peek of what it's like to put it all together. Check it out:

Carrie Underwood keeps teasing us with a few wedding details here and there. She revealed yesterday her dog would be a ring bearer and today she talks about here wedding dress...a little. She won't reveal who will design it, but she did tell People magazine, "It's really pretty. It's very in the beginning stages and it's very me. It's just girly and pretty, and it's simple and glamorous at the same time."

Trace Adkins, Easton Corbin, Danny Gokey, Randy Houser, Justin Moore, Blake Shelton, and Josh Turner have been added to the line-up of artists participating in the Nightly Concerts during the CMA Music Festival. They join previously announced artists Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Alan Jackson, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Zac Brown Band. The CMA Music Festival takes place in Nashville June 10-13.

Happy birthday to Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, who turns 26 today!

Tonight’s Tweets:

@eastoncorbin: Just finished on Jimmy Fallon and everything went great. Watch it and let me know what you thought

@paisleyofficial:: +++Breaking news:Starting now I am officially changing my image from a white cowboy hat to a coonskin cap. This will be awesome.

@paisleyofficial: 2day,I am wearing a Brad Paisley T-shirt, (light yellow one with my picture on it)& a Brad Paisley ball cap just to see peoples faces.

@LBTmusic: A sweet girl at Walgreens in Brentwood last night unexpectedly bought my baby formula for me. Just wanted to say thank you!

@kelliepickler: #backintheday I remember watching Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Step by Step, Full House, and Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Ha!! When my grandma left the room I'd change the channel to Ricki Lake or Jenny Jones. #dontjudgeme

@taylorswift13: Fan voting for the ACM entertainer of the year started TODAY on :) :) :) :) help?

@dariusrucker: Hey guys, I will bePerforming at Coke Zero Countdown at NCAA Final Four on Apr 3rd. Watch the show live at Coke Zero Facebook.

@leannrimes: Morning! Just made pancakes for 3 boys, 1 big boy and 2 lil one's:) I have the day off so I'm going to the gym and the aquarium.

Free foolin'!

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