Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preview AJ's new CD, Will Billy Currington be doing a hula dance soon...and Tonight's Tweets

Alan Jackson's new CD Freight Train isn't hitting stores until March 30th but you can preview it now. Starting today, one song per week will be released exclusively on iTunes up until it hits stores. This week's song is "Hard Hat and a Hammer," followed by "Every Now and Then" and "Where I Belong." And btw, the purchase of single-song downloads will count toward the purchase of the final album on I-Tunes when it comes out.

Since I'm Team Conan a BIG YEAH for Lady Antebellum- their appearance on David Letterman helped him beat Jay Leno in the ratings Monday night. Take that chin!

Well I told you yesterday Dierks Bentley is making a bluegrass record and now Billy Currington may be going Hawaiian. He's heading into the studio next week to start work on his next CD and he's says he’s been playing the ukulele a little and loves the sounds of the island music he hears while vacationing in Hawaii. We could hear some of it in his music at some point, maybe even on the new project.

The National Enquirer is reporting that Taylor Swift has a new man. Simply because the Enquirer is saying it...I don't buy it. But according to them, she's dating Glee star Cory Monteith (Finn) They would make a cute couple but again, the source in the Enquirer so Taylor and Cory probably haven't even met, much less dated.

Tonight's Tweets:

After Brad tweeted a pic of his nasty bruise last night he asked fans to come up with the best caption for the pic and tweeted his favs tonight @paisleyofficial: The winner so far. Hands down. RT @Wildaboutmusic: "The Hurt Rocker"?

@saraevansmusic: You're not going to believe which pop song I'm covering!

@davidnail: I will surely be sore tomorrow! A private hitting lesson with Mark McGwire will do that!

@jodeemessina: OUCH!!!!! FYI - There is NOTHING fun about taking an ice bath. Nor is there anything fun about trying to walk afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

I think Taylor Swift and Billy Gilman might make a cute couple.