Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's all about Twitter tonight for our favorite country stars...

I have to admit...I used to follow Blake Shelton on Twitter but his tweets kept ticking me off! Maybe I can start following him again now that he's admitted that although he used to be addicted to Twitter he no longer feels the pressure to come up with something funny or controversial to start every day. Though Blake does Tweet some, now he's looking for the next big social networking fad. He says, "There's got to be something that Taylor Swift will make cool and I can jump in there and start doing that."

Brad Paisley was on a twitter kick for St Patty's day today. Check out his day...
@paisleyofficial: Holy cow, just saw a leprechan! Just saw a leprechan! Ran right by my chair! Freaking out! Dressed in green! Said something about gold! Aaah

Ow! He bit me! Little bastard! Do leprechans carry any diseases? He's a mean one. I'll name him"Lucky". I'm going to keep him 4 ever & ever.

Man leprechans can spit like llamas! He got me good. So I waterboarded him with a bottle of aquafina.

Got an idea. Feeding him coffee beans now... Will let you know how it turns out...

His eyes are watering..He's circling, circling, he's about to...we have Kope Lepruac! (trademark, all rights reserved)

Brewing..hmm...nutty...hint o'Irish Creme..not very good. Dang shame,Coulda been awesome.Kope Lepruac,Gold Jar,"magically delicious"Oh well.

Maybe I'll just barbeque him. Anybody ever barbeque a Leprechan? I hear it's even better than unicorn venison.

He's marinating in Guinness as we speak... And loving it, by the way.

Well dang, overcooked it. Tuff. Oh well, there's always next year. I'll keep my possum trap up,&practice the recipe with elves. Or smurfs.

More of Tonight's Tweets:
@rascalflatts: Happy St. Partys day. Oops Patty that is. Get on green or get pinched on ur thing. Lovin yall!!!!! G

@JustinColeMoore: I smell like baby turds and throw up...guess it's better than the adult version.

@JoeNichols: A St. Patrick's Day dance for you all:

@LuckymanEddie: Don't forget green margaritas

@whitneyduncan: The lady that does my eyebrows told me to lose my tweezers..ha, guess that means I'm bad at it:) lol

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