Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brad Paisley tweets details about his H2O tour

Brad Paisley took to Twitter last night to give us a sneak peek of what his H2O tour is going to be like and it sounds SO cool! Here's what he said:

@paisleyofficial: Got a sec? Let me give ya'll a brief rundown of what we're goin for in this H2O tour,in my own words; This will take a few tweets though...

1st of all, why it starts at 4pm? we're settin up a waterworld plaza with FLW fishing & corvette race simulator,dunking booth for radio dj's..

And a seperate waterworld plaza stage feat. @eastoncorbin @steelmagnolia11 & @thejoshthompson. They start at 5. They are all tremendous.

Also I might add, you race against virtual ME in the corvette simulator. And if you beat me, you meet me.

It's like we are setting up a mini theme park everywhere we go. I for one am VERY excited about trying to dunk a few radio guys myself..

Then @ 7:30 the music on the main stage starts.@justincolemoore,@dariusrucker, and me.

And wait til you see the set & effects. It's all meant to feel like summer & water. I want you to be able to hop off your boat or outta yer pool,

..And go right to our show.Like yer on vacation. I wanna give you way more than just yer $'s worth.I want you to forget this crappy winter.

The sponsor helping us pull all this off is Chevy. And on the waterworld plaza stage Sea Ray Boats and Skinny Water.

We're also teaming up w Help Thru HealingHands world water charity with my friend @bfrist. We'll be raising $ for clean water...or um, H2O

And all of this is true. I know it's not normal for me to be serious on here, but I wanted to describe it all myself. I really can't wait.

Thank you for listening. We now return you to my regularly scheduled smartass tweets.

Gotta admit, I'm a little freaked about the whole DJs in the dunking booth thing since I'm terrified of water BUT if it's Jimmy Ray in the dunking booth and not me...Bring it On! :) We'll find out who gets dunked Friday, May 21st at the Va Beach Amphitheater. Tickets are on sale now...check out the details at www.eagle97.com.

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