Monday, February 8, 2010

Zac Brown Band on TMZ? This can't be good

Zac Brown Band on TMZ?! At first I was worried since every time a country star ends up on that website it's normally not their proudest moment (think Tim and Kenny stealing a horse) Luckily the ZBB guys are just showing off some pics of them visiting animals...legally.

Speaking of ZBB, they received a personal letter from PETA, complete with a basket of fake meat products asking ZBB to change their menu for the meet and greets at their concerts to a more animal friendly one. Judging by their tweet today this wasn't appreciated. Hey guys-I'll take it! I've been a vegetarian for about 18 years now and I'm all about some fake meat.

Want to know the secret to the success of Tim and Faith's marriage? Faith says she chose to learn more about football so that she could have a conversation with Tim during the season.

Darius Rucker is a big football fan too, he says the year has two seasons -- football season and waiting for football season. With the Super Bowl over now, it’s the beginning of Waiting For Football Season.

Think Taylor Swift will start trying to hide her private life now that she's a big star? Think again. She says she won’t let her celebrity status dictate her actions in relationships and she doesn’t care if people write about seeing her with someone or not.

Tonight (Monday), Steel Magnolia (Keep On Loving You) will film an episode of the TBS series Lopez Tonight. It’s expected to air tomorrow night (Tuesday) and they'll be singing Keep on Loving You.

Congrats to Caroyln Dawn Johnson! She and hubby Matt Fisher have a new member to their family...a baby boy born last week, named Bennett Derwin. It’s her second child, they also have a 16-month-old daughter, Abigail.

New CDs hitting stores tomorrow! Josh Turner: Haywire and Chris Cagle: The Best Of Chris Cagle

and finally...Your Country Tweets for today:

joshturnermusic: We just left sound check @ Letterman. Headed back to the hotel. Remember to tune in tonight. Drew Brees & Sandra Bullock are on the show. (note- one of Josh's people tweeted for him later saying the performance was rescheduled. hmph Josh got bumped?! Booo Letterman!)

Miranda_Lambert: A little hurt is a good thing because it makes the happy days even better.

kelliepickler: just dropped my iphone in the %@!*^#ing toilet!!!!!!....AGAIN!!!! @#$%(*(#@&UR(@(WEF(($#$(@()#*&%(@)!_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

martinamcbride: Is it just me or are these superbowl commercials kinda lame?

saraevansmusic: My fave superbowl commercial was the Tim Tebow one...what was yours?

LuckymanEddie (Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry): U know I think I'm about ready for some Spring weather, seeing everyone on tv in Miami last night in shorts HELLYEAH I'm ready for MR SUN!!!

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