Monday, February 15, 2010

Trace, Taylor and Tweets

Sad News surrounding Trace Adkins. Over the weekend his tour bus was involved in a fatal crash en route to their show Saturday night in Bossier City, Louisiana. The two men who were killed were in a pick-up truck that had crossed the center line and crashed head-on into the bus. Members of his band were hospitalized with minor injuries. Trace wasn't on the bus, having traveled ahead to the venue, but he returned to the accident site to be with his band.
Trace cancelled his show Sunday night in Pensacola, Florida. He isn't commenting on the incident at this time out of respect for the families of the men who died.

Taylor Swift caught some heat from Australian environmental officials for feeding wild possum in a Melbourne park. Taylor Tweeted that she and her band headed to the park after a show and fed the furry animals. A spokesperson for the Department of Sustainability and Environment tells Melbourne's Herald-Sun: "We know people who feed wild animals often have the best intentions ... However ... it can disrupt their natural behavior and it can cause some animals to lose their natural fear of people, making them vulnerable to attack."

Speaking of trying to do good for animals, Carrie Underwood shot a PSA for Pedigree dog food to promote their pet adoption drive. According to, Carrie said during the shoot, "I can't imagine life without my dog. Dogs are just beautiful souls that don't want a thing from you." Carrie's rat terrier Ace also appears in the spot. Carrie says, "He's just so special because he loves me for no reason other than I love him back." The PSA will begin airing today. And as someone who's adopted two cats, I have to say Carrie...don't forget about our other furry friends! Adopt a cat or dog today from your local shelter and you'll discover how much love they will give you.

Your country tweets for tonight:
@ladyantebellum: So the guys and I started Season 1 of Lost on the bus last night. I don't think I'm gonna be able to catch up to this season fast enough!

: Poor me. Yeah, I mighta got a little too much sun today. Also have these little indentations on my face from having to wear shades today. Oh the humanity. And driving down the pacific coast highway the sun was really in my eyes and reflecting off the water. Annoying.

@sarahbuxton: "Tell em all I must be into somethin bad for me cuz....I sure lost a lotta weight" great line

@TerriClarkMusic: At the hair place getting "ma har " done again- can't go out on this tour with grays- gotta get rid of my country roots...

@TYcom: Back from Vegas, enjoying coffee and watching "Proof of Life" for the 100th time!

: why don't I care anything bout the olympics? I feel un-American, but I can't make myself care...

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