Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trace Adkins comic turn, Set your DVR for Josh Turner and Tonight's Tweets!

Here he comes to save the day! If you are a Trace Adkins fan, the last issue of the Luke McBain comic book series is out today. In case you don't know- it's the comic book where the lead character is based on Trace. I hear the secret that sent Luke to prison 14 years prior is revealed and he faces off with his brother, Paul, about who will take over the family business.

So I mentioned the other day that Carrie Underwood is going to be on How I Met Your mother and I found out she will be playing a love interest for Ted. She’ll play a character named Tiffany, a pharmaceutical sales rep. From what we know though, he meets "the mom" in one of his classes so I guess that means Carrie won't be her. Darn!

Blake Shelton has tuned in to catch various Olympic events in the past few days, and of course he has a funny take on the games. He says they should include luggage tossing. "Those guys can stand back there, out of the rain, under the awning and throw one of those things into the airplane. I mean, they're that good at it."
He also says that it would make his next broken guitar a little easier to deal with if he knew it had been handled by a potential medalist. Might be more fun to watch than curling...I'm with you Blake.

Tonight's Tweets:

@taylorswift13: When discussing adding 'Today Was a Fairytale' to the set, Mike (banjo) suggested that we only play it if that day actually was a fairytale.

@joshturnermusic: Josh Turner to perform "Why Don't We Just Dance" on Jimmy Kimmel Live THIS Monday!

@kelliepickler: almost impossible to sleep with 3 dogs in the bed. but it's fun to wake up to.

@kelliepickler: Fell asleep with a glass of orange juice in my hand. Didn't spill a drop. That's talent.

@TerriClarkMusic: Uploading a slew of new Utube flip cam stuff from the tour as we speak- I am becoming a wizard of newfangled technology.

@zacbrownband: Are you "Sailing Southern Ground" in September? Google it!

@paisleyofficial: At a show right now in Nashville. Look close that's Carrie Underwood and @Miranda_Lambert singing together. Wow.

@paisleyofficial: And here's me and Bryan Adams. Not kidding. Bryan Adams. If only my gradeschool crush could see me now.

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