Friday, February 26, 2010

No shackin' up for Carrie Underwood...even after she's married?! Luke Bryan expecting a mini-me and Tonight's Tweets

Carrie Underwood and her fiance, hockey player Mike Fisher, have kept their separate homes since they began dating and that won't change even after they get married this summer. Carrie tells People magazine, "If it's worth it, you make it work, right ... We'll be little nomads for a while, until one of us retires. Not being in the same room won't lessen our relationship." Despite their crazy schedules, they are looking forward to having children of their own. Carrie says she doesn't have a lot of experience with babies though, "Mike is amazing with children. He's so going to be a better parent! I'm not bad with them, but I didn't grow up around children."

Someone ready to have a baby...Luke Bryan. He and his wife, Caroline, are expecting their second one in August. Baby number two will join big brother, Bo. Luke tells that he's a lot more relaxed about being a dad again. "When you successfully brought one in the world, you are a little more confident in your ability to do it the second time ... We're a little more relaxed -- you know everything that can come at you."

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: *BIG NIGHT TONIGHT!* @miranda_lambert's #1 party and @hilwill's B-day! lots of costume changing!!

@darrylworley: Imma tweetin'. Denver is a beautiful place to hang. I have a lil' altitude headache but I'm glad to be here and I'm glad to be alive.

@chuckwicksmusic: So..standing by the Elevator..for like 8 min? Why is it taking so long??!! I never pushed the button...I'm a horrible multi-tasker!! Lol

@LukeBryanOnline: Hey everyone. Don't forget to vote for me today. ACM here we come

@TerriClarkMusic: Just saw an orange Elvis impersonator in workout clothes.

: So excited to be stayin on tour with brad paisley all year! Lookin forward to the h2o tour to kick off in may! Thanks BP!!!! See yall out!!!

@TYcom: Hard to pick a favorite winter Olympic event....I love it all!

@DierksBentley: should i breathe what the crazy sick dude behind me is hacking out or the smoke on my sweatshirt from @jameyjohnson show last night?

@martinamcbride : We have our new Martina Moment up...funny. Check it out!

@taylorswift13: Today is my fiddle player @caitlinbird 's birthday! I may or may not have baked enough for a bake sale. I love you Cait!!

@sarahbuxton: Hearing martina mcbride from my dressing room...makes me feel like I truly have made it. The best.

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