Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naomi Judd comes to Taylor Swift's defense and a new bromance in Nashville

After all the talk about Taylor's admittedly not so great vocals at the Grammy's- Mama Judd is praising Taylor for "single-handedly introduced country music to a much-welcomed younger demographic" and for serving as a "sorely needed role model." She wrote a letter to The Tennessean saying Taylor "not only sings well enough to strike a chord with a huge audience...she writes, dances, acts, and is a dazzling performer. When I met her, I was impressed by her sincere transparent niceness. Taylor's a lovely young lady...Smarts, manners, and class...If there's an award for being the best role model for her generation, I'd like to be the one to give it to Taylor Swift." Agreed...but what about that awful Grammy performance Naomi? "Having sung many times at the Grammys, I can tell you that the stress and anxiety of performing in front of the world's top artists in every genre of music is tortuous for even the most seasoned singer." Point taken. I mean seriously...can Britney Spears sing? No, but people love her. And look at all the artists using electronica to cover up the fact that they can't sing! It happens every where. Bottom line is she's a star for a reason...even if it isn't for her singing alone.

A little country at the Olympics! Rascal Flatt's Unstoppable has been re-written to fit the Olympics and will be used during coverage of the games. The guys even filmed a segment for the games with the song playing in the background.

A bromance in Nashville? Jason Aldean says Luke Bryan was his first choice for opening act on his Wide Open tour. He didn’t really want to look any further, because he likes Luke’s music, they are both from Georgia and they have a lot in common. Luckily schedules worked out and now they have become good friends and have even gone on a hunting trip together.

Have Garth and Trisha gone to the dogs?! Sorta, a greyhound named Emmett co-owned by the couple will be part of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this week in New York. Footage will air on Animal Planet February 15 and 16.

Newcomer Josh Thompson...the guy behind "Beer on the Table" knows what to bring to the table for Valentine's day too! He says, "I like to woo the ladies with dipping them in chocolate, with ... (laughs) You know, I mean, I'm usually a delivered-flowers kind of guy. Have 'em show up at the work, you know, so that the other people that didn't get flowers can be envious, and then, when they get home, I usually like to have dinner ready. And me waiting in a sexy apron with a little red ribbon tied around my neck."

Tonight's Tweets from the Country Music world:
@LuckymanEddie: On my way to Nashville gettin ready for the tour this year!The tour is gonna be a PARTY! Hell this tour will scare Halloween!!!

@joshturnermusic: Tune in: Josh's performance on The Late Show with David Letterman is airing tonight on CBS!

@taylorswift13: Tonight the band and I played a show, then hopped in the van and headed to the park for some midnight wild possum feeding.

@LukeBryanOnline: Had the "Do I " number 1 party last night. I am massively and I repeat massively hungover.

@martinamcbride: Just saw Crazy Heart. So, So Good! Jeff Bridges was really great. They got it right.

@davidnail: My performance on The Late Late Show has been changed to this Friday, Feb 12!!!! Spread the word!!! Thanks everyone!

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