Thursday, February 18, 2010

Martina and Trace an unlikely duo? Taylor's fearless use of a Sharpie and more!

If you missed Brad Paisley on Jimmy Kimmel last night- he was the musical guest and he talked to Jimmy about some of his best pranks he's pulled. Check out the full episode here (Brad is segment 2)

For those of us watching Project Runway, the season is only half way in. In real life though, it's all said and done and Faith Hill has filmed her part as a judge on the finale. She scored high marks too according to fellow judge Michael Kors. He told, "She knows how to get dressed on stage for performances, how to deal with the red carpet, plus we're also talking about someone who's a mom, who's busy."
Faith talked about being on the show saying, "What I saw was truly extraordinary and it made judging very difficult. All of the designers were creative and imaginative. But there were some whose craftsmanship was impeccable." We'll have to wait til April for the finale to hit TV.

Martina McBride and Trace Adkins are coming to the Ted Constant Convocation Center April 24th for her "Shine All Night" tour. Think they are unlikely tour partners? Martina doesn't. She told Oakland, Michigan's Daily Tribune, "... when you look at it, he's been around as long as I have -- a long time. He has a lot of hits, a lot of great songs, some of my favorites ... Because of the size difference, there's a little bit of a juxtaposition, sure. And I don't have a song like 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.' But I think it's just a great night of music." I think Martina should duet with Trace on Badonkadonk! and then Trace can return the favor and help her sing "This One's For the Girls" Now that would be a fun night of music! And fyi- Martina likes to hide tickets in whatever town she is for her shows and she tweets clues about where to find them that day. Something to keep in mind April 24th!

Tonight's Tweets:

@taylorswift13: I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom. (Putting a permanent marker near your face...especially when you could hit turbulance at any that's fearless!)

@paisleyofficial: Just taking our lemur for a walk, alright he's circling, we could have a new brew...and here we go... Push, push, and...we have Kope Luac!!! (huh?! I do not get this tweet from Brad)

@paisleyofficial: Fun fact: Japanese research concludes moderate drinking improves IQ levels. (hmm...maybe he started drinking after tweeting this one and that explains the lemur tweet?)

@TYcom (Trisha Yearwood): For those of you who are asking, NO!!! Never going to stop's what I do! (can you bring on some new music then? please!)

@JackIngramMusic: Unblievble! Got my 1st class SWA seat 4 the 3rd consecutve flight! Let's c how long the streak lasts! Leg room for days!It'sthesimplethings! (no 1st class for us little people Jack- that's a big thing)

@TerriClarkMusic: Happy to see Lindsay Vonn get the gold. I swear to God that track looked SO slick. Yay for the Canada womens hockey team.
(go team USA!)

@LuckymanEddie (Montgomery Gentry): I'm ready to find a field stack up some wood open up the truck doors crank up some jams and u know ice down some beer and Jim beam HELLYEAH! (sound about right for Eddie)

@davidnail: just had lunch at Ruby Tuesday! It wasn't spectacular in the least! (Gasp! Ruby's salad bar never fails to make me happy. Boo!)

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