Tuesday, February 9, 2010

John Mayer tweets about Lady A, plus Carrie Underwood moves onto Sesame Street and more country music news!

Josh Turner's new CD, Haywire, hit stores today, and the album has a definite, but not deliberate, theme. He says, "We had gotten to a point where we were like, 'OK, we've got enough love songs. We need some up-tempo stuff.' Every uptempo song we would find, it would be a love song. So we were like, 'Okay, maybe this record is supposed to be chock full of love songs,' which I was okay with." I've only heard one song off this new CD, "Why Don't We Just Dance," but judging it by that...I'm ok with it too!

Kellie Pickler is lining up a summer-and-fall tour with a big act, but she can't say who it is yet. She wrote on her MySpace, "I am so excited about touring with [blank-blank] for the second half of the year!" Hmmm...who could it be? She's toured with her bff Taylor Swift the last year and will be out the first half of the year with her. Hmm...nope, still no guesses from me. Guess we'll have to wait to find out. In the mean time, check out her CMT Studio 300 Sessions Cmt just posted this new video series today.

Is Carrie Underwood moving onto Sesasme Street? Well sorta, she has inspired a new Sesame Street character named Carrie Underworm, an orange worm with long, blond hair and a wireless microphone. She even recorded a short song for the segment called The Worm Anthem. The segment will make its debut Thursday (2/11) and will re-air in March and April. It will also include longtime Sesame Street icon Oscar The Grouch.

Out on DVD today, Reba McEntire's live DVD, CMT Invitation Only. You'll get performances of Strange and Consider Me Gone as well as interview footage. Speaking of Reba, she's already getting ready for the most important part of her hosting gig at this year’s ACM Awards...the outfits. She has picked out five outfits, but will only wear four; the other is a spare just in case anything goes wrong. No wardrobe malfunctions for Reba- she's the Queen of Country after all.

Luke Bryan's new music video for Rain Is A Good Thing makes its debut today at iTunes. It was filmed back in October during Luke’s Farm tour show with about 3,500 soaking wet fans. Want a free Luke Bryan video? Check out this behind the scenes one. http://www.ilike.com/artist/Luke+Bryan/videos/647035788 Best part is his momma!

Blake Shelton
is releasing a digital EP on March 2 titled Hillbilly Bone. And now he says he’ll have another six song EP of new material in August. He says it's a way for fans to get new music faster without having to pay full price for a full length album. Thanks Blake- we all know I like a good deal :)

Tonight's Twang Tweets:
@chuckwicksmusic-Note to self!!! Don't Grocery Shop @ 6pm!!! Ever Again...it's like rush hour in NYC in isle 9!!!

@joshturnermusic- Our Letterman performance is going to air tomorrow night (Wednesday). I hope Biff is back up on his feet soon.

@saraevansmusic-All of my kids are sick today, well Audrey might be faking it. I need some Calgon to take me away!

-Fun fact: when U say"Miranda Lambert's rabid fans": in truth she has the highest percentage of fans who have undergone rabies shots.

John Mayer tweeted about Lady Antebellum today sayings- What's that song that goes "It's a quarter after one, I just huffed a can of ceiling paint and I need you now?" I like that one.

Lady A didn't seem to mind him messing up the lyrics a bit and responded...
Big thanks to @johncmayer for tweeting about our song Need You Now!! Made our day!! =)

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