Monday, February 1, 2010


I moved here over 3 years ago and haven't seen a good snowfall since and I was missing it! I kept hoping more than just a few flurries would grace us with their presence and actually stick around so that I could reach my goal...see the oceanfront covered in snow. This weekend I achieved that goal.

As the snow fell on Saturday, my husband and I braved (probably stupidly) the slick roads and drove about 25 miles per hour to the oceanfront. We got out of the car excited to finally see snow covered sand and were promptly hit in the face with sleet. OUCH! We ran for cover in the Hilton and regained our composure before attempting to venture back out.

Our eyes tearing up from the pain of the wind...faces raw from the sleet...we slowly made our way the few steps to the oceanfront and attempted to open our eyes long enough to see the sight we had been waiting for. And it was worth it. So cool!

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