Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faith Hill takes on a new project and Brad Paisley questions Martina McBride's husband

An Olympic skier has a crush on Taylor Swift. Gasp! A guy has a crush on Taylor? I'm shocked! Yes, that was sarcasm. During an interview with MTV News, downhill skier Will Brandenburg says he likes Taylor because of her girl-next-door qualities.

Speaking of Taylor ... she picked up two nominations for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. She's up for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song for "You Belong with Me." The awards will be given out on March 27th. Screaming kids are Taylor's #1 fan base so I'm guessing these awards are in the bag for her.

Yeah! Faith Hill will one of the judges on the Project Runway finale, according to USA Today. Faith will join regular judges Heidi Klum, Marie Claire editor Nina Garcia and designer Michael Kors for the event. Look for the finale at the end of April. Although I haven't been as into Project Runway this season, a Faith cameo peaks my interest for sure.

Faith's hubby Tim McGraw released his second children’s book today, Love Your Heart. It tells the story of Kate, a young girl who drops out of a school talent show to focus on helping a friend.

Lady A will make their debut on Oprah LIVE this Friday, February 19.

Your tweets for tonight:
@kelliepickler: Just looked over @ my G-pa & noticed 1 of his eye lenses is missing. He said "well dammit, no wonder I been walking in circles I can't see!"

@saraevansmusic: Oh my gosh! I am going to sign Audrey up for kindergarten. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

@martinamcbride: Watching the Figure Skating pairs competition. Love that my hubby is watching with me and as excited and moved by it as I am. What a guy!

@paisleyofficial: He's faking. RT @martinamcbride: Watching the Figure Skating pairs . Love that my hubby is watching with me &as excited by it as I am.

@LBTmusic: Just saw the sneak peak of the upcoming episodes of Glee...looks great.

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