Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carrie Underwood a mom? Brad Paisley Team Leno? and Tonight's Tweets

If you watch How I Met Your Mother then you know we still don't know who the mom is...could it be Carrie Underwood? She's making her acting debut on the new episode. I doubt she's the mom but "Ted" needs a nice wholesome girl like Carrie so I think it would be a great match. We'll see who Carrie ends up playing Monday, March 1st 8pm on CBS.

Brad Paisley will be Jay Leno's first musical guest when he returns to The Tonight Show on March 1st. I'm Team Conan so I'll be DVRing this so I can fast forward through Jay Leno and only see Brad.

Wynonna is hitting the small screen too. The role won't be too much of a stretch for her...she's going to play herself on an upcoming episode of Army Wives. According to Access Hollywood, Wy will perform two songs as a part of a USO-type concert for the troops at Fort Marshall in Charleston, South Carolina. The show airs May 16th on Lifetime.

Brooks and Dunn posted on their MySpace page Monday night that they'll be making an announcement Thursday on their website. The live stream event will take place at 2:10pm ET. Hmm...they already announced they are breaking up so what can they announce next? Maybe they are pulling a Brett Favre and don't want to retire anymore...a girl can dream, right?

Blake Shelton says he knows how to eat right...if he microwaves Velveeta, salsa and hamburger together, he gets all his major food groups. On another note, his girlfriend Miranda Lambert says if she could have dinner with anyone, she’d want it to be Merle Haggard, her number one inspiration. Let's hope she doesn't invite Merle to dinner if Blake is cooking!

Congrats to James Otto and his wife, Amy, are expecting their first child!

Tonight's Tweets:
@JoeNichols: Did anybody else bawl like a baby during/after the Canadian figure skater's performance last night? Tragic/triumphant/powerful

@JoeNichols: The worst picture of me EVER is in CW this week. Why can't I have a stylist and makeup like Toby and Trace? Oh......they rich

@saraevansmusic:I'm laying in bed and KK is doing my hair and makeup! I'm SO tired! But excited to hang with Kelli Pickler tonight!

@JackIngramMusic: Just wrote a song w/Bruce Robison(angry all the time,wrapped,etc.)&Trent Summar(love u,free,etc)! Caught a break and fell n2 their session!!

@mallaryhope: Standing beside Gary allan, i was thanking God that i remembered my deodorant. That boy can make a girl sweat. dang!

@LuckymanEddie: Ok everybody let's go grab life by the ass and live it today!! If u anit smileing today it ur own dam fault!! Everybody start laughing!

@kelliepickler: I want to be a guest character on FAMILY GUY!!!! really, really, really, really bad!!! Hey Family Guy, "PICK PICKLER"!!!!

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