Friday, February 5, 2010

Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney at the Superbowl

Carrie Underwood is making the rounds for the Super Bowl, after all she's kicking it off Sunday singing the National Anthem. In one press conference, a reporter asked her to talk about the importance of "Pants on the Ground" and her response is pretty hilarious. Check it out.

Her next project will be her film debut in Soul Surfer, the biopic of 19-year-old surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack but persevered to resume hanging 10 less than a month later. Carrie will play the church youth leader in the movie.

Carrie isn't the only country star participating in Sunday's Super Bowl. Kenny Chesney will show up on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show on Super Bowl Sunday. He's scheduled to be on in the 1pm hour. I'm wondering who he is rooting for, friend Peyton Manning or his twin Saint's coach Sean Peyton.

Seriously they have to be related somehow- that's just weird how much they look alike. I guess we know who their celebrity look alike facebook photo is!

Will Jason Aldean follow in Carrie...and Taylor...and Tim and Faith's footsteps and step into the acting world? He says he might like to dabble in it at some point. He doesn’t want to become an actor by any means, but thinks it might be fun just to check out a small role or two and see what it’s about.

and finally, please God do NOT let this one be is reporting that TAYLOR SWIFT is dating John Mayer, In Touch is reporting that John told a friend that he and Taylor hooked up when they were both in Nashville on January 24. Run Taylor Run! The Jonas Brother dumping you on the phone is better than whatever John Mayer will end up doing. On second thought...she makes her money off writing about jerk guys so John Mayer would be the perfect inspiration for another hit album.

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