Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brad Paisley strikes again and AJ gets some late night love

Justin Moore (Backwoods, Small Town USA) is on tour with Brad Paisley so he probably prepared himself for a prank or two...and Brad not wanting to disappoint, delivered. In honor of the recent birth of Justin's first baby, one of Brad's crew members went on stage during Justin's set in Fresno, California, wearing nothing but a diaper. It's all in good fun...Justin returned the favor by wearing the same diaper, over his clothes, and visiting Brad during his performance of "Alcohol." The boys have this week off so they have plenty of time to plot revenge and change diapers.

Set the DVR-Alan Jackson will be making the rounds to let everyone know he has a new CD coming out March 30th called "Freight Train" He'll be on NBC's Today show and CBS's David Letterman that day to celebrate. He'll make his way to a few others shows later...April 14th on NBC's Tonight Show With Jay Leno and an April 15th appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Tonight's Tweets:
@martinamcbride: Hey legs. You remember our friend razor, right? I know. It's been awhile...

@jodeemessina: It would be perfect if someone made a diaper that worked like Fresh Step cat litter and when dirty they'd release a fresh scent.

: @sarahbuxton my nieces&i are listening through your album. so amazing girl We are dancing around 2outside my window. So fun! proud of you!

@JoeNichols: Just got a speeding ticket in Arkansas. Tried to show some cleavage to get out of it, but I don't think I was his type.

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