Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Betty White vs Reba and Rascal Flatts vs American Idol find out all the details!

Should Betty White host SNL or Reba? I vote for both! (Do we really need Ashton Kutcher to host AGAIN?) Both Betty White and Reba's fans have started a petition on Facebook asking NBC to have them host Saturday Night Live this year. Reba fans want double duty for her- host and musical guest. Only a few country acts have hosted...Taylor Swift most recently. Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson have also had that honor. Wait...considering the quality of the writing lately I'm not sure it's as big of an honor anymore BUT I thought Taylor was great and would love to see Reba get her shot. She's the queen of country after all!

Staying up late tonight? Brad Paisley will be on Jimmy Kimmel.

Kenny Chesney will be rocking out with Steve Miller for the next CMT Crossroads. It will be taped next month. No word on when it will air yet. Kenny's no stranger to Crossroads, he did one back in 2003 with John Mellencamp.

Now that Tim McGraw is a big star, his days of riding the tour bus are behind him. Don't worry, that doesn't mean he won't be touring just means he gets to hop a plane and fly in and out to his shows. With family being his top priority, he says he tries to spend as much time at home as possible and I'm guessing money isn't an issue.

Wouldn't you like to see Keith Urban in a small intimate setting? Yeah, me too! He says despite the popularity that would allow him to play stadium shows, he’d rather perform at smaller venues because some of his most passionate fans are in the smaller cities. Bring it on Keith, we'd love to get up close and personal with you!

Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus not an American Idol fan? He says shows like AI may be a great avenue for rising country stars, but he’s concerned that they never play clubs and get the feeling of honing their craft like most acts have coming up through the ranks. Hmm...don't think Carrie Underwood has had any trouble honing her craft. And a lot of the guys and gals on AI DO play clubs in their hometown before auditioning for AI. So it's all good Jay...Simon is leaving this year so you should just save these thoughts when talking about The X Factor.

Well speaking of AI contestants going country...Danny Gokey says it was Randy Travis who inspired him to do so. When Randy was on the show last season and he told Danny that he should consider it because of his soulful sound. Danny, already a country fan who loved listening to Mickey Gilley, Lee Ann Womack and Rascal Flatts agreed. His debut country album, My Best Days will be out March 2. And he'll be here for Winterblast Sunday, March 21st. Yeehaw Danny!

Tonight's tweets:

@LBTmusic: Note to self: Never mention any aches and pains you may be experiencing to your 9 month pregnant wife.They are irrelevant & exaggerated. Jimi

@martinamcbride: Fried chicken for the first time 2night. Big mess. Now I feel like I smell like a diner AND need to work out. Plus I have to clean up. ARGH!

@ladyantebellum: Our Webisode Wednesday is up! Watch Hillary's reaction when she learns we're playing for OPRAH!

@taylorswift13: Wow. Just wow. Tokyo, I'll never forget that show. We'll be back soon!! The band and I can't stop smiling.

@ClayWalker: Met Fergie's husband Josh...very cool guy...nice to me...called me by first name...maybe they both like country music im thinking

@kelliepickler: At the movies with my love. Watching Wolfman. How romantic. Ha!

@reba: Just had a meeting with our Dillards buyers for bed, bath and table linens. Great looks for this fall!!

@jodeemessina: I wonder if watching the olympics counts as cardio. My heart is racing watching the downhill skiing.

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