Friday, February 26, 2010

No shackin' up for Carrie Underwood...even after she's married?! Luke Bryan expecting a mini-me and Tonight's Tweets

Carrie Underwood and her fiance, hockey player Mike Fisher, have kept their separate homes since they began dating and that won't change even after they get married this summer. Carrie tells People magazine, "If it's worth it, you make it work, right ... We'll be little nomads for a while, until one of us retires. Not being in the same room won't lessen our relationship." Despite their crazy schedules, they are looking forward to having children of their own. Carrie says she doesn't have a lot of experience with babies though, "Mike is amazing with children. He's so going to be a better parent! I'm not bad with them, but I didn't grow up around children."

Someone ready to have a baby...Luke Bryan. He and his wife, Caroline, are expecting their second one in August. Baby number two will join big brother, Bo. Luke tells that he's a lot more relaxed about being a dad again. "When you successfully brought one in the world, you are a little more confident in your ability to do it the second time ... We're a little more relaxed -- you know everything that can come at you."

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: *BIG NIGHT TONIGHT!* @miranda_lambert's #1 party and @hilwill's B-day! lots of costume changing!!

@darrylworley: Imma tweetin'. Denver is a beautiful place to hang. I have a lil' altitude headache but I'm glad to be here and I'm glad to be alive.

@chuckwicksmusic: So..standing by the Elevator..for like 8 min? Why is it taking so long??!! I never pushed the button...I'm a horrible multi-tasker!! Lol

@LukeBryanOnline: Hey everyone. Don't forget to vote for me today. ACM here we come

@TerriClarkMusic: Just saw an orange Elvis impersonator in workout clothes.

: So excited to be stayin on tour with brad paisley all year! Lookin forward to the h2o tour to kick off in may! Thanks BP!!!! See yall out!!!

@TYcom: Hard to pick a favorite winter Olympic event....I love it all!

@DierksBentley: should i breathe what the crazy sick dude behind me is hacking out or the smoke on my sweatshirt from @jameyjohnson show last night?

@martinamcbride : We have our new Martina Moment up...funny. Check it out!

@taylorswift13: Today is my fiddle player @caitlinbird 's birthday! I may or may not have baked enough for a bake sale. I love you Cait!!

@sarahbuxton: Hearing martina mcbride from my dressing room...makes me feel like I truly have made it. The best.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trace Adkins comic turn, Set your DVR for Josh Turner and Tonight's Tweets!

Here he comes to save the day! If you are a Trace Adkins fan, the last issue of the Luke McBain comic book series is out today. In case you don't know- it's the comic book where the lead character is based on Trace. I hear the secret that sent Luke to prison 14 years prior is revealed and he faces off with his brother, Paul, about who will take over the family business.

So I mentioned the other day that Carrie Underwood is going to be on How I Met Your mother and I found out she will be playing a love interest for Ted. She’ll play a character named Tiffany, a pharmaceutical sales rep. From what we know though, he meets "the mom" in one of his classes so I guess that means Carrie won't be her. Darn!

Blake Shelton has tuned in to catch various Olympic events in the past few days, and of course he has a funny take on the games. He says they should include luggage tossing. "Those guys can stand back there, out of the rain, under the awning and throw one of those things into the airplane. I mean, they're that good at it."
He also says that it would make his next broken guitar a little easier to deal with if he knew it had been handled by a potential medalist. Might be more fun to watch than curling...I'm with you Blake.

Tonight's Tweets:

@taylorswift13: When discussing adding 'Today Was a Fairytale' to the set, Mike (banjo) suggested that we only play it if that day actually was a fairytale.

@joshturnermusic: Josh Turner to perform "Why Don't We Just Dance" on Jimmy Kimmel Live THIS Monday!

@kelliepickler: almost impossible to sleep with 3 dogs in the bed. but it's fun to wake up to.

@kelliepickler: Fell asleep with a glass of orange juice in my hand. Didn't spill a drop. That's talent.

@TerriClarkMusic: Uploading a slew of new Utube flip cam stuff from the tour as we speak- I am becoming a wizard of newfangled technology.

@zacbrownband: Are you "Sailing Southern Ground" in September? Google it!

@paisleyofficial: At a show right now in Nashville. Look close that's Carrie Underwood and @Miranda_Lambert singing together. Wow.

@paisleyofficial: And here's me and Bryan Adams. Not kidding. Bryan Adams. If only my gradeschool crush could see me now.

The debate is on!

Which is worse...girls in boyfriend jeans or guys in skinny jeans?!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carrie Underwood a mom? Brad Paisley Team Leno? and Tonight's Tweets

If you watch How I Met Your Mother then you know we still don't know who the mom is...could it be Carrie Underwood? She's making her acting debut on the new episode. I doubt she's the mom but "Ted" needs a nice wholesome girl like Carrie so I think it would be a great match. We'll see who Carrie ends up playing Monday, March 1st 8pm on CBS.

Brad Paisley will be Jay Leno's first musical guest when he returns to The Tonight Show on March 1st. I'm Team Conan so I'll be DVRing this so I can fast forward through Jay Leno and only see Brad.

Wynonna is hitting the small screen too. The role won't be too much of a stretch for her...she's going to play herself on an upcoming episode of Army Wives. According to Access Hollywood, Wy will perform two songs as a part of a USO-type concert for the troops at Fort Marshall in Charleston, South Carolina. The show airs May 16th on Lifetime.

Brooks and Dunn posted on their MySpace page Monday night that they'll be making an announcement Thursday on their website. The live stream event will take place at 2:10pm ET. Hmm...they already announced they are breaking up so what can they announce next? Maybe they are pulling a Brett Favre and don't want to retire anymore...a girl can dream, right?

Blake Shelton says he knows how to eat right...if he microwaves Velveeta, salsa and hamburger together, he gets all his major food groups. On another note, his girlfriend Miranda Lambert says if she could have dinner with anyone, she’d want it to be Merle Haggard, her number one inspiration. Let's hope she doesn't invite Merle to dinner if Blake is cooking!

Congrats to James Otto and his wife, Amy, are expecting their first child!

Tonight's Tweets:
@JoeNichols: Did anybody else bawl like a baby during/after the Canadian figure skater's performance last night? Tragic/triumphant/powerful

@JoeNichols: The worst picture of me EVER is in CW this week. Why can't I have a stylist and makeup like Toby and Trace? Oh......they rich

@saraevansmusic:I'm laying in bed and KK is doing my hair and makeup! I'm SO tired! But excited to hang with Kelli Pickler tonight!

@JackIngramMusic: Just wrote a song w/Bruce Robison(angry all the time,wrapped,etc.)&Trent Summar(love u,free,etc)! Caught a break and fell n2 their session!!

@mallaryhope: Standing beside Gary allan, i was thanking God that i remembered my deodorant. That boy can make a girl sweat. dang!

@LuckymanEddie: Ok everybody let's go grab life by the ass and live it today!! If u anit smileing today it ur own dam fault!! Everybody start laughing!

@kelliepickler: I want to be a guest character on FAMILY GUY!!!! really, really, really, really bad!!! Hey Family Guy, "PICK PICKLER"!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brad Paisley strikes again and AJ gets some late night love

Justin Moore (Backwoods, Small Town USA) is on tour with Brad Paisley so he probably prepared himself for a prank or two...and Brad not wanting to disappoint, delivered. In honor of the recent birth of Justin's first baby, one of Brad's crew members went on stage during Justin's set in Fresno, California, wearing nothing but a diaper. It's all in good fun...Justin returned the favor by wearing the same diaper, over his clothes, and visiting Brad during his performance of "Alcohol." The boys have this week off so they have plenty of time to plot revenge and change diapers.

Set the DVR-Alan Jackson will be making the rounds to let everyone know he has a new CD coming out March 30th called "Freight Train" He'll be on NBC's Today show and CBS's David Letterman that day to celebrate. He'll make his way to a few others shows later...April 14th on NBC's Tonight Show With Jay Leno and an April 15th appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Tonight's Tweets:
@martinamcbride: Hey legs. You remember our friend razor, right? I know. It's been awhile...

@jodeemessina: It would be perfect if someone made a diaper that worked like Fresh Step cat litter and when dirty they'd release a fresh scent.

: @sarahbuxton my nieces&i are listening through your album. so amazing girl We are dancing around 2outside my window. So fun! proud of you!

@JoeNichols: Just got a speeding ticket in Arkansas. Tried to show some cleavage to get out of it, but I don't think I was his type.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Martina and Trace an unlikely duo? Taylor's fearless use of a Sharpie and more!

If you missed Brad Paisley on Jimmy Kimmel last night- he was the musical guest and he talked to Jimmy about some of his best pranks he's pulled. Check out the full episode here (Brad is segment 2)

For those of us watching Project Runway, the season is only half way in. In real life though, it's all said and done and Faith Hill has filmed her part as a judge on the finale. She scored high marks too according to fellow judge Michael Kors. He told, "She knows how to get dressed on stage for performances, how to deal with the red carpet, plus we're also talking about someone who's a mom, who's busy."
Faith talked about being on the show saying, "What I saw was truly extraordinary and it made judging very difficult. All of the designers were creative and imaginative. But there were some whose craftsmanship was impeccable." We'll have to wait til April for the finale to hit TV.

Martina McBride and Trace Adkins are coming to the Ted Constant Convocation Center April 24th for her "Shine All Night" tour. Think they are unlikely tour partners? Martina doesn't. She told Oakland, Michigan's Daily Tribune, "... when you look at it, he's been around as long as I have -- a long time. He has a lot of hits, a lot of great songs, some of my favorites ... Because of the size difference, there's a little bit of a juxtaposition, sure. And I don't have a song like 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.' But I think it's just a great night of music." I think Martina should duet with Trace on Badonkadonk! and then Trace can return the favor and help her sing "This One's For the Girls" Now that would be a fun night of music! And fyi- Martina likes to hide tickets in whatever town she is for her shows and she tweets clues about where to find them that day. Something to keep in mind April 24th!

Tonight's Tweets:

@taylorswift13: I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom. (Putting a permanent marker near your face...especially when you could hit turbulance at any that's fearless!)

@paisleyofficial: Just taking our lemur for a walk, alright he's circling, we could have a new brew...and here we go... Push, push, and...we have Kope Luac!!! (huh?! I do not get this tweet from Brad)

@paisleyofficial: Fun fact: Japanese research concludes moderate drinking improves IQ levels. (hmm...maybe he started drinking after tweeting this one and that explains the lemur tweet?)

@TYcom (Trisha Yearwood): For those of you who are asking, NO!!! Never going to stop's what I do! (can you bring on some new music then? please!)

@JackIngramMusic: Unblievble! Got my 1st class SWA seat 4 the 3rd consecutve flight! Let's c how long the streak lasts! Leg room for days!It'sthesimplethings! (no 1st class for us little people Jack- that's a big thing)

@TerriClarkMusic: Happy to see Lindsay Vonn get the gold. I swear to God that track looked SO slick. Yay for the Canada womens hockey team.
(go team USA!)

@LuckymanEddie (Montgomery Gentry): I'm ready to find a field stack up some wood open up the truck doors crank up some jams and u know ice down some beer and Jim beam HELLYEAH! (sound about right for Eddie)

@davidnail: just had lunch at Ruby Tuesday! It wasn't spectacular in the least! (Gasp! Ruby's salad bar never fails to make me happy. Boo!)


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Betty White vs Reba and Rascal Flatts vs American Idol find out all the details!

Should Betty White host SNL or Reba? I vote for both! (Do we really need Ashton Kutcher to host AGAIN?) Both Betty White and Reba's fans have started a petition on Facebook asking NBC to have them host Saturday Night Live this year. Reba fans want double duty for her- host and musical guest. Only a few country acts have hosted...Taylor Swift most recently. Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson have also had that honor. Wait...considering the quality of the writing lately I'm not sure it's as big of an honor anymore BUT I thought Taylor was great and would love to see Reba get her shot. She's the queen of country after all!

Staying up late tonight? Brad Paisley will be on Jimmy Kimmel.

Kenny Chesney will be rocking out with Steve Miller for the next CMT Crossroads. It will be taped next month. No word on when it will air yet. Kenny's no stranger to Crossroads, he did one back in 2003 with John Mellencamp.

Now that Tim McGraw is a big star, his days of riding the tour bus are behind him. Don't worry, that doesn't mean he won't be touring just means he gets to hop a plane and fly in and out to his shows. With family being his top priority, he says he tries to spend as much time at home as possible and I'm guessing money isn't an issue.

Wouldn't you like to see Keith Urban in a small intimate setting? Yeah, me too! He says despite the popularity that would allow him to play stadium shows, he’d rather perform at smaller venues because some of his most passionate fans are in the smaller cities. Bring it on Keith, we'd love to get up close and personal with you!

Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus not an American Idol fan? He says shows like AI may be a great avenue for rising country stars, but he’s concerned that they never play clubs and get the feeling of honing their craft like most acts have coming up through the ranks. Hmm...don't think Carrie Underwood has had any trouble honing her craft. And a lot of the guys and gals on AI DO play clubs in their hometown before auditioning for AI. So it's all good Jay...Simon is leaving this year so you should just save these thoughts when talking about The X Factor.

Well speaking of AI contestants going country...Danny Gokey says it was Randy Travis who inspired him to do so. When Randy was on the show last season and he told Danny that he should consider it because of his soulful sound. Danny, already a country fan who loved listening to Mickey Gilley, Lee Ann Womack and Rascal Flatts agreed. His debut country album, My Best Days will be out March 2. And he'll be here for Winterblast Sunday, March 21st. Yeehaw Danny!

Tonight's tweets:

@LBTmusic: Note to self: Never mention any aches and pains you may be experiencing to your 9 month pregnant wife.They are irrelevant & exaggerated. Jimi

@martinamcbride: Fried chicken for the first time 2night. Big mess. Now I feel like I smell like a diner AND need to work out. Plus I have to clean up. ARGH!

@ladyantebellum: Our Webisode Wednesday is up! Watch Hillary's reaction when she learns we're playing for OPRAH!

@taylorswift13: Wow. Just wow. Tokyo, I'll never forget that show. We'll be back soon!! The band and I can't stop smiling.

@ClayWalker: Met Fergie's husband Josh...very cool guy...nice to me...called me by first name...maybe they both like country music im thinking

@kelliepickler: At the movies with my love. Watching Wolfman. How romantic. Ha!

@reba: Just had a meeting with our Dillards buyers for bed, bath and table linens. Great looks for this fall!!

@jodeemessina: I wonder if watching the olympics counts as cardio. My heart is racing watching the downhill skiing.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faith Hill takes on a new project and Brad Paisley questions Martina McBride's husband

An Olympic skier has a crush on Taylor Swift. Gasp! A guy has a crush on Taylor? I'm shocked! Yes, that was sarcasm. During an interview with MTV News, downhill skier Will Brandenburg says he likes Taylor because of her girl-next-door qualities.

Speaking of Taylor ... she picked up two nominations for Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. She's up for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Song for "You Belong with Me." The awards will be given out on March 27th. Screaming kids are Taylor's #1 fan base so I'm guessing these awards are in the bag for her.

Yeah! Faith Hill will one of the judges on the Project Runway finale, according to USA Today. Faith will join regular judges Heidi Klum, Marie Claire editor Nina Garcia and designer Michael Kors for the event. Look for the finale at the end of April. Although I haven't been as into Project Runway this season, a Faith cameo peaks my interest for sure.

Faith's hubby Tim McGraw released his second children’s book today, Love Your Heart. It tells the story of Kate, a young girl who drops out of a school talent show to focus on helping a friend.

Lady A will make their debut on Oprah LIVE this Friday, February 19.

Your tweets for tonight:
@kelliepickler: Just looked over @ my G-pa & noticed 1 of his eye lenses is missing. He said "well dammit, no wonder I been walking in circles I can't see!"

@saraevansmusic: Oh my gosh! I am going to sign Audrey up for kindergarten. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

@martinamcbride: Watching the Figure Skating pairs competition. Love that my hubby is watching with me and as excited and moved by it as I am. What a guy!

@paisleyofficial: He's faking. RT @martinamcbride: Watching the Figure Skating pairs . Love that my hubby is watching with me &as excited by it as I am.

@LBTmusic: Just saw the sneak peak of the upcoming episodes of Glee...looks great.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trace, Taylor and Tweets

Sad News surrounding Trace Adkins. Over the weekend his tour bus was involved in a fatal crash en route to their show Saturday night in Bossier City, Louisiana. The two men who were killed were in a pick-up truck that had crossed the center line and crashed head-on into the bus. Members of his band were hospitalized with minor injuries. Trace wasn't on the bus, having traveled ahead to the venue, but he returned to the accident site to be with his band.
Trace cancelled his show Sunday night in Pensacola, Florida. He isn't commenting on the incident at this time out of respect for the families of the men who died.

Taylor Swift caught some heat from Australian environmental officials for feeding wild possum in a Melbourne park. Taylor Tweeted that she and her band headed to the park after a show and fed the furry animals. A spokesperson for the Department of Sustainability and Environment tells Melbourne's Herald-Sun: "We know people who feed wild animals often have the best intentions ... However ... it can disrupt their natural behavior and it can cause some animals to lose their natural fear of people, making them vulnerable to attack."

Speaking of trying to do good for animals, Carrie Underwood shot a PSA for Pedigree dog food to promote their pet adoption drive. According to, Carrie said during the shoot, "I can't imagine life without my dog. Dogs are just beautiful souls that don't want a thing from you." Carrie's rat terrier Ace also appears in the spot. Carrie says, "He's just so special because he loves me for no reason other than I love him back." The PSA will begin airing today. And as someone who's adopted two cats, I have to say Carrie...don't forget about our other furry friends! Adopt a cat or dog today from your local shelter and you'll discover how much love they will give you.

Your country tweets for tonight:
@ladyantebellum: So the guys and I started Season 1 of Lost on the bus last night. I don't think I'm gonna be able to catch up to this season fast enough!

: Poor me. Yeah, I mighta got a little too much sun today. Also have these little indentations on my face from having to wear shades today. Oh the humanity. And driving down the pacific coast highway the sun was really in my eyes and reflecting off the water. Annoying.

@sarahbuxton: "Tell em all I must be into somethin bad for me cuz....I sure lost a lotta weight" great line

@TerriClarkMusic: At the hair place getting "ma har " done again- can't go out on this tour with grays- gotta get rid of my country roots...

@TYcom: Back from Vegas, enjoying coffee and watching "Proof of Life" for the 100th time!

: why don't I care anything bout the olympics? I feel un-American, but I can't make myself care...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's Keith Urban's guilty pleasure? Who just became a dad? and what superstar is releasing 2 new songs?...

Since my guilty pleasure is watching Keith Urban videos when I should be working I wondered...what's his guilty pleasure? Turns out it's not watching videos of's playing soft rock from the '70s and '80s on the piano. During his recent People Country Special cover shoot, Keith played and sang REO Speedwagon's "Keep On Loving You." Check it out on their website.,,20343238,00.html

Rascal Flatts are offering a playlist of their love songs on itunes just in time for Valentine’s this Sunday. Download 14 songs for the 14th for 9.99

We debuted a new Kenny Chesney song for you this week "Ain't Back Yet" and Kenny says he wants to make sure you don't have to wait too long to get it on CD. He's adding it to his Greatest Hits II CD, along with another new song "This is Our Moment". The songs are both theme songs "Ain't Back Yet" is the theme for his upcoming 3D movie, and "This is Our Moment" is the ESPN's college football theme. If you already got the Greatest Hits CD when it was released last spring...don't worry you don't have to re buy it to get them. Both will be available digitally beginning on March 3rd.

Kenny says: "Those two songs are so much a moment. You want them when the moment is still fresh ... and I won't have a record out til next fall. So with all the options that are available in today's world, I kinda felt like there has to be a way to get this music to people, to be creative with it. I went back to my record company and asked them to help me figure this out."

Unset your DVR! Lady Antebellum's appearance on NBC’s The Today Show during the Winter Olympic games has been rescheduled for March 3. The trio were to appear February 17.

Set your DVR! Gretchen Wilson will sing the National Anthem prior to this year’s NBA All-Star game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, February 14. The game will air live on TNT. And while we're talking about Gretchen...remember to set your datebook to see her at Knucklehead's in Va Beach Saturday, March 20th- admission is $10 to benefit the VBSPCA!

Want a guitar autographed by Taylor Swift...or have a 10 year old girl who would scream her head off to get one? :) Taylor will auction off the guitar she played at KEITH URBAN’s All For The Hall benefit concert last fall, with proceeds going to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The auction begins Saturday (February 13) and runs until the 26th. To place a bid, check out and click 'auctions'.

Congratulations to Justin Moore (Small Town USA and Backwoods) He and his wife, Kate, welcomed their first child today, daughter Ella Cole.

Country Tweets:
@JustinColeMoore-All I can say is wow! Only been a dad for 8 hours, but its the most unbelievable thing Ive ever been through! So thankful tonight holdn her!

-My boyfriend wants to watch Cops...I want to watch Dr. Phil. This is an issue. Ha

@sarahbuxton-Just cried in my car over "you're gonna miss this"...awww thanks trace

@davidnail-I personally think any flack John Mayer gets is deserved, no place for any of those comments!

@JackIngramMusic-Listenin 2 Pat Green on KVET. "Carry On". I hated this when it came out! I love it now! Man, I was so jealous! Makes me laugh now! CarryonPG

@Miranda_Lambert-$132.50. And all I came for was cornflakes!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naomi Judd comes to Taylor Swift's defense and a new bromance in Nashville

After all the talk about Taylor's admittedly not so great vocals at the Grammy's- Mama Judd is praising Taylor for "single-handedly introduced country music to a much-welcomed younger demographic" and for serving as a "sorely needed role model." She wrote a letter to The Tennessean saying Taylor "not only sings well enough to strike a chord with a huge audience...she writes, dances, acts, and is a dazzling performer. When I met her, I was impressed by her sincere transparent niceness. Taylor's a lovely young lady...Smarts, manners, and class...If there's an award for being the best role model for her generation, I'd like to be the one to give it to Taylor Swift." Agreed...but what about that awful Grammy performance Naomi? "Having sung many times at the Grammys, I can tell you that the stress and anxiety of performing in front of the world's top artists in every genre of music is tortuous for even the most seasoned singer." Point taken. I mean seriously...can Britney Spears sing? No, but people love her. And look at all the artists using electronica to cover up the fact that they can't sing! It happens every where. Bottom line is she's a star for a reason...even if it isn't for her singing alone.

A little country at the Olympics! Rascal Flatt's Unstoppable has been re-written to fit the Olympics and will be used during coverage of the games. The guys even filmed a segment for the games with the song playing in the background.

A bromance in Nashville? Jason Aldean says Luke Bryan was his first choice for opening act on his Wide Open tour. He didn’t really want to look any further, because he likes Luke’s music, they are both from Georgia and they have a lot in common. Luckily schedules worked out and now they have become good friends and have even gone on a hunting trip together.

Have Garth and Trisha gone to the dogs?! Sorta, a greyhound named Emmett co-owned by the couple will be part of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this week in New York. Footage will air on Animal Planet February 15 and 16.

Newcomer Josh Thompson...the guy behind "Beer on the Table" knows what to bring to the table for Valentine's day too! He says, "I like to woo the ladies with dipping them in chocolate, with ... (laughs) You know, I mean, I'm usually a delivered-flowers kind of guy. Have 'em show up at the work, you know, so that the other people that didn't get flowers can be envious, and then, when they get home, I usually like to have dinner ready. And me waiting in a sexy apron with a little red ribbon tied around my neck."

Tonight's Tweets from the Country Music world:
@LuckymanEddie: On my way to Nashville gettin ready for the tour this year!The tour is gonna be a PARTY! Hell this tour will scare Halloween!!!

@joshturnermusic: Tune in: Josh's performance on The Late Show with David Letterman is airing tonight on CBS!

@taylorswift13: Tonight the band and I played a show, then hopped in the van and headed to the park for some midnight wild possum feeding.

@LukeBryanOnline: Had the "Do I " number 1 party last night. I am massively and I repeat massively hungover.

@martinamcbride: Just saw Crazy Heart. So, So Good! Jeff Bridges was really great. They got it right.

@davidnail: My performance on The Late Late Show has been changed to this Friday, Feb 12!!!! Spread the word!!! Thanks everyone!

Slickdeals Feb. 10-14

Here's what I've found so far this week...I'll add more to the top of the note as the week goes on. Happy savings!

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Did you see the Dockers "Men without Pants" commercial during the Super Bow? They are giving away an additional 2,990 pairs of Dockers in an instant win sweepstakes Dockers Wear The Pants that starts Monday, February 8 and ends Monday, February 15. That means about 427 people will win each day.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

John Mayer tweets about Lady A, plus Carrie Underwood moves onto Sesame Street and more country music news!

Josh Turner's new CD, Haywire, hit stores today, and the album has a definite, but not deliberate, theme. He says, "We had gotten to a point where we were like, 'OK, we've got enough love songs. We need some up-tempo stuff.' Every uptempo song we would find, it would be a love song. So we were like, 'Okay, maybe this record is supposed to be chock full of love songs,' which I was okay with." I've only heard one song off this new CD, "Why Don't We Just Dance," but judging it by that...I'm ok with it too!

Kellie Pickler is lining up a summer-and-fall tour with a big act, but she can't say who it is yet. She wrote on her MySpace, "I am so excited about touring with [blank-blank] for the second half of the year!" Hmmm...who could it be? She's toured with her bff Taylor Swift the last year and will be out the first half of the year with her. Hmm...nope, still no guesses from me. Guess we'll have to wait to find out. In the mean time, check out her CMT Studio 300 Sessions Cmt just posted this new video series today.

Is Carrie Underwood moving onto Sesasme Street? Well sorta, she has inspired a new Sesame Street character named Carrie Underworm, an orange worm with long, blond hair and a wireless microphone. She even recorded a short song for the segment called The Worm Anthem. The segment will make its debut Thursday (2/11) and will re-air in March and April. It will also include longtime Sesame Street icon Oscar The Grouch.

Out on DVD today, Reba McEntire's live DVD, CMT Invitation Only. You'll get performances of Strange and Consider Me Gone as well as interview footage. Speaking of Reba, she's already getting ready for the most important part of her hosting gig at this year’s ACM Awards...the outfits. She has picked out five outfits, but will only wear four; the other is a spare just in case anything goes wrong. No wardrobe malfunctions for Reba- she's the Queen of Country after all.

Luke Bryan's new music video for Rain Is A Good Thing makes its debut today at iTunes. It was filmed back in October during Luke’s Farm tour show with about 3,500 soaking wet fans. Want a free Luke Bryan video? Check out this behind the scenes one. Best part is his momma!

Blake Shelton
is releasing a digital EP on March 2 titled Hillbilly Bone. And now he says he’ll have another six song EP of new material in August. He says it's a way for fans to get new music faster without having to pay full price for a full length album. Thanks Blake- we all know I like a good deal :)

Tonight's Twang Tweets:
@chuckwicksmusic-Note to self!!! Don't Grocery Shop @ 6pm!!! Ever's like rush hour in NYC in isle 9!!!

@joshturnermusic- Our Letterman performance is going to air tomorrow night (Wednesday). I hope Biff is back up on his feet soon.

@saraevansmusic-All of my kids are sick today, well Audrey might be faking it. I need some Calgon to take me away!

-Fun fact: when U say"Miranda Lambert's rabid fans": in truth she has the highest percentage of fans who have undergone rabies shots.

John Mayer tweeted about Lady Antebellum today sayings- What's that song that goes "It's a quarter after one, I just huffed a can of ceiling paint and I need you now?" I like that one.

Lady A didn't seem to mind him messing up the lyrics a bit and responded...
Big thanks to @johncmayer for tweeting about our song Need You Now!! Made our day!! =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Zac Brown Band on TMZ? This can't be good

Zac Brown Band on TMZ?! At first I was worried since every time a country star ends up on that website it's normally not their proudest moment (think Tim and Kenny stealing a horse) Luckily the ZBB guys are just showing off some pics of them visiting animals...legally.

Speaking of ZBB, they received a personal letter from PETA, complete with a basket of fake meat products asking ZBB to change their menu for the meet and greets at their concerts to a more animal friendly one. Judging by their tweet today this wasn't appreciated. Hey guys-I'll take it! I've been a vegetarian for about 18 years now and I'm all about some fake meat.

Want to know the secret to the success of Tim and Faith's marriage? Faith says she chose to learn more about football so that she could have a conversation with Tim during the season.

Darius Rucker is a big football fan too, he says the year has two seasons -- football season and waiting for football season. With the Super Bowl over now, it’s the beginning of Waiting For Football Season.

Think Taylor Swift will start trying to hide her private life now that she's a big star? Think again. She says she won’t let her celebrity status dictate her actions in relationships and she doesn’t care if people write about seeing her with someone or not.

Tonight (Monday), Steel Magnolia (Keep On Loving You) will film an episode of the TBS series Lopez Tonight. It’s expected to air tomorrow night (Tuesday) and they'll be singing Keep on Loving You.

Congrats to Caroyln Dawn Johnson! She and hubby Matt Fisher have a new member to their family...a baby boy born last week, named Bennett Derwin. It’s her second child, they also have a 16-month-old daughter, Abigail.

New CDs hitting stores tomorrow! Josh Turner: Haywire and Chris Cagle: The Best Of Chris Cagle

and finally...Your Country Tweets for today:

joshturnermusic: We just left sound check @ Letterman. Headed back to the hotel. Remember to tune in tonight. Drew Brees & Sandra Bullock are on the show. (note- one of Josh's people tweeted for him later saying the performance was rescheduled. hmph Josh got bumped?! Booo Letterman!)

Miranda_Lambert: A little hurt is a good thing because it makes the happy days even better.

kelliepickler: just dropped my iphone in the %@!*^#ing toilet!!!!!!....AGAIN!!!! @#$%(*(#@&UR(@(WEF(($#$(@()#*&%(@)!_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

martinamcbride: Is it just me or are these superbowl commercials kinda lame?

saraevansmusic: My fave superbowl commercial was the Tim Tebow one...what was yours?

LuckymanEddie (Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry): U know I think I'm about ready for some Spring weather, seeing everyone on tv in Miami last night in shorts HELLYEAH I'm ready for MR SUN!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney at the Superbowl

Carrie Underwood is making the rounds for the Super Bowl, after all she's kicking it off Sunday singing the National Anthem. In one press conference, a reporter asked her to talk about the importance of "Pants on the Ground" and her response is pretty hilarious. Check it out.

Her next project will be her film debut in Soul Surfer, the biopic of 19-year-old surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack but persevered to resume hanging 10 less than a month later. Carrie will play the church youth leader in the movie.

Carrie isn't the only country star participating in Sunday's Super Bowl. Kenny Chesney will show up on ESPN's "NFL Countdown" show on Super Bowl Sunday. He's scheduled to be on in the 1pm hour. I'm wondering who he is rooting for, friend Peyton Manning or his twin Saint's coach Sean Peyton.

Seriously they have to be related somehow- that's just weird how much they look alike. I guess we know who their celebrity look alike facebook photo is!

Will Jason Aldean follow in Carrie...and Taylor...and Tim and Faith's footsteps and step into the acting world? He says he might like to dabble in it at some point. He doesn’t want to become an actor by any means, but thinks it might be fun just to check out a small role or two and see what it’s about.

and finally, please God do NOT let this one be is reporting that TAYLOR SWIFT is dating John Mayer, In Touch is reporting that John told a friend that he and Taylor hooked up when they were both in Nashville on January 24. Run Taylor Run! The Jonas Brother dumping you on the phone is better than whatever John Mayer will end up doing. On second thought...she makes her money off writing about jerk guys so John Mayer would be the perfect inspiration for another hit album.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free music, books, videos and lots of food coupons too- Slickdeals Feb 4th

People Magazine is offering a free 11 song Country Music Sampler (an $11.19 value) with the code 7NWAL3RN9XE3 (it's posted right on their website, expires 4/9/10). Find music from Joe Nichols, Dolly Parton, James Otto, Jimmy Wayne, Sarah Buxton, The Band Perry and more!

Gone Nutty and Surviving Sid are two FREE short videos from the animated Ice Age characters that your kids might get a kick out of watching.

Long John Silver has a new Spin & Win Fish Fry game where you could win up $20,000. Everybody who enters gets a free Crispy Breaded Fish coupon.

Sign up for their e-club and get a buy one, get one Free Buffet Meal at one of the following restaurants: Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Hometown Buffet, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet.

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Free reusable canvas tote. You have to tell 5 friends about the offer, but they also get a 75 cent coupon. If the page doesn't load at first, try back later...they are getting tons of requests and the website is slowing down.

There are some coupons on for toys and games right now that can be paired with a sale at Target for some pretty great prices: The Pictureka Card Game is $5.24 so after you use $5/1 printable coupon you'll get it for $.24. Both the Monopoly Card Game and Scrabble Slam Card Game are $5.24 so after the $4/1 printable coupon you'll only spend $1.24. Also, look for the coupon for the Sorry Revenge Card Game to get it for $2.99.

Free Blockbuster Express Rental Code, but the fine print says that the code is only valid on Wednesdays. So if you can’t use the code W212A1 today, then make sure set a reminder on your calendar and use it next week.

Free $10 General Mills coupon booklet.

Be sure to Facebook fan The Incredible Edible Egg on Friday, February 5th, and get a BOGO coupon for a dozen eggs. There will only be thirty thousand coupons available and I’m not sure if it’s limited to their first 30k fans or a first come, first serve kind of deal

Be one of the first 500,000 people to sign up for the new Denny’s Rewards Program by 2/14 to receive a coupon for a FREE Burger and Fries to be used 3/1-7. As a thank you for signing up, you’ll also receive a coupon by email to save 20% off your check

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Find Pepperidge Farm coupons here

Monday, February 1, 2010


I moved here over 3 years ago and haven't seen a good snowfall since and I was missing it! I kept hoping more than just a few flurries would grace us with their presence and actually stick around so that I could reach my goal...see the oceanfront covered in snow. This weekend I achieved that goal.

As the snow fell on Saturday, my husband and I braved (probably stupidly) the slick roads and drove about 25 miles per hour to the oceanfront. We got out of the car excited to finally see snow covered sand and were promptly hit in the face with sleet. OUCH! We ran for cover in the Hilton and regained our composure before attempting to venture back out.

Our eyes tearing up from the pain of the wind...faces raw from the sleet...we slowly made our way the few steps to the oceanfront and attempted to open our eyes long enough to see the sight we had been waiting for. And it was worth it. So cool!