Friday, January 22, 2010

Our amazing furry friends

One of my cats, Bailey, has a bad habit...he loves chewing on electrical cords. Bad kitty! So we are careful about keeping cords away from him. The other day though we had the laptop hooked up and the cord was running across the living room floor as we sat on the couch with it.

Knowing his ways, I kept an eye on Bailey. I watched him go over and sit next to the cord just to have Louie follow and stand right by him. Bailey couldn't resist the temptation and bent down like he was going to bite the cord and before I had to get up to stop him...Louie did the dirty work for me and head butted Bailey to make him stop! Good kitty!

We would have never thought 2 years ago when we brought Louie home from the SCPA (and they weren't even comfortable being in the same room with each other) that one day they would not only enjoy time curled up next to each other, but would also save each other from harm's way.

Moral of the story- if you don't have a pet, go get one...they make your life so much better! And if you already have one pet, go get him a friend to make his life better!

After all who doesn't want someone to spoon with?

and someone to keep you warm?

and someone to play with?

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