Monday, January 11, 2010

Diet? What the heck is a diet?

If they could talk, I bet they'd be saying "We don't want no stinkin' diet! Put some of that food in our bowl human!"

But after putting on a pound each this past year and the vet warning us to watch it- I decided to stop leaving food out for the cats. Bailey used to regulate himself but with the addition of Louie to the family and competition over food, I think that has caused a few extra pounds on my babies. So a diet it is. Man is it hard though looking at those faces and hearing pleading meows for food and not giving in until lunch or dinner time.

I did try an experiment this weekend though with Bailey, aka laziest cat in the world. Doesn't matter how many toys we buy him, he will just spoon with them in his sleep instead of getting some exercise and playing with them. So I waited until he was good and hungry, grabbed some dry food in my hand and threw piece after piece...making him run to get it. I think he got more exercise in one day than he had gotten in years!

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