Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blonde Moment

Ok even though I'm not a full blonde (more like dirty dirty blonde with some highlights if I haven't been lazy) I still had a blonde moment today and it was embarrassing.

I was at DMV renewing my license and the girl at the counter told me to place my forehead on the eye machine and read the 2nd line. Well I turned to the right and without really looking, I placed my forehead on the first thing I saw. I didn't see any letters to read though and said "I don't think it's working- I can't see any letters" She turns to me and says that's because your head is on the camera- the eye machine is right next to it. I'm surprised she didn't flunk me on the eye exam right then and there since obviously I'm blind lol.

So my face is bright red at this point from embarrassment...just in time to take a new picture. Greeeaaaatttt. So when I get my new license in the mail not only will I look like a lobster...but an unhappy lobster since you aren't allowed to smile in the picture anymore. As if DMV pictures weren't bad enough already, Right?!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby shower fun

My friends and I helped plan a baby shower that took place this past weekend and my contribution to the shower was "Decorate the onesie." This was something I also did for my sister's shower a few years ago and it's always a lot of fun. A good activity for guests to do while the mommy-to-be opens gifts turns into another gift for the baby.

Just get some plain white ones from Target or Walmart in a few different sizes so the baby can grow into them. You'll need stencils (for those who are artistically challenged like me) and fabric markers. Small cake paper plates work good to stuff inside the onesie so that the markers don't bleed.

Here's a picture of my creation...I figured since you always see "I Love Mommy" and "I Love Daddy" onesies and bibs that their dog, Charlie, should get some recognition too :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slickdeal Thursday

New slickdeals posted- lots of coupons available this week for Walgreen's, Kmart, Best Buy, Redbox and more. Know of any slickdeals? Let me know!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What you don't want to see on your honeymoon

Like I said in a previous blog, we had a great time on our honeymoon. One of the excursions we went on was a boat trip to the town of Soufriere in St. Lucia. This was an hour long boat ride, followed by a trip into the city to the "Drive in" Volcano, then to the botanical gardens (where we saw the waterfall used in "Romancing the Stone," followed by lunch at a local restaurant, then scuba diving and a boat ride back to the resort. Advertised as a fun filled day exploring the country by land and see.

What it ended up being filled with is the sound of arguing. We had the bad luck of being stuck on this trip with the most annoying couple EVER!

They were the type of people who are always angry...nothing ever makes them happy and they are always fighting and yelling at each other. Maybe it's their way of communicating and that's how it works for them but at 8 in the morning I'm just not ready to hear non-stop bickering. And after 8 hours I was really sick of it!

So not only did I hear way too much about their lives but I also ended up seeing way too much of them too. The woman kept fixing her bathing suit top on the boat ride and when I say fix, I mean she would reach in to move the um...girls...around and by doing this give everyone a full view of them. Her better half was no better either and everytime he stood up we were subjected to butt crack. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times during the day I had to quickly look away- I'm surprised I didn't get whiplash on this trip!

After that day every time we saw this couple at the resort we would run in the other direction- there was no way I wanted to spend another day or night in the same room and have to listen to them...or see god only knows what.

The day we left the resort they were waiting at the airport and I was just praying we wouldn't be stuck on the same plane as them. Luckily, God heard my prayers and I thought they were out of my life forever. Until....

We got the honeymoon pictures developed today and there he is in the background! A reminder of bickering, boobs and butt crack. Thank goodness for photoshop- I can crop that crack out and hopefully never think of them again lol.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slick Deals!

New deals posted included a free meal from Chick Fil A tomorrow if you dress like a cow! Plus, free Slurpees on 7/11 and an Arby's sandwhich on 7/12. You could get free food all weekend!

Check it out at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brian's best ideas-he'll kill me if he knows I'm giving them out hehe

I was getting ready for work tonight complaining to my husband (whoo hooo I get to say husband! sorry newlywed moment) Anyway..complaining that I have nothing to wear to my friend's baby shower next weekend. He said "you have a closet full of clothes and just bought a few new dresses for the honeymoon, how can you say you have nothing to wear?"

Easily! I've already taken pictures in all of those new clothes when we were on the honeymoon! Now I'm going to be surrounded by my girl friends, we're going to want a group picture together and then years from now when I look back on this summer's photo album, if I'm wearing the same thing twice it's going to look like I only had two outfits! Makes perfect sense to me. His solution: a clothes store for women where you can rent casual tops, skirts, etc so that the dreaded re-wearing doesn't happen.

Another scheme he came up with came about after we went shopping together to find outfits to wear for our engagement pictures. We wanted to match, but not be matchy matchy and had a hard time finding something we liked. Ok, we found a shirt early on for him, I was a little picky. So he came up wtih the idea of having a store for couples. A one stop shop to find clothes that match each other...but aren't too matchy matchy. So if you're going to an event or having a picture taken you can easily find something that will look good together without looking like clones.

What do you think, could one of these be our big money maker? :)

The Honeymoon is over...well the official one at least

We're back from the honeymoon and it was great! We spent a week at one of the Sandal's resorts in St Lucia and divided our time between exploring the countryside and just being beach bums, laying under a cabana or floating on a raft in the pool. Amazingly enough, neither one of us came back with a sunburn...and with our pale skin that is a miracle! I owe it to the $20 bottle of sunscreen we had to buy after running out of our first bottle ran out 2 days into the trip. Darn gift shop rip off. But I guess when you think of it as $20 to be sunburn free, it's not that bad of a deal.

Our week in pictures:

Brian getting ready to snorkel on the boat trip we took and us next to one of the boats in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Attempting to smile in front of the stinky volcano and exploring the Botanical Gardens

Me finding some cabana time and Brian finding a friend!

Hiking our way through the rainforest to the waterfall.

Sampling fruit from a local roadside stand on our jeep safari.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happily Married

I'm married :) Still doesn't feel quite real- I keep calling Brian my fiance out of habit but I'm sure soon enough it'll feel like I've been saying husband forever.

The wedding day was great- no rain! Hallelujah! I prayed for over a year "Lord, I don't care how hot it is, just please don't let it rain." And well he listened...really listened...because it was hot! I guess I got what I asked for lol. Right before it was time for me to walk up the steps into the garden, the heat really got to me and I started feeling dizzy. I had people lifting my dress to fan my legs, my dad grabbing water and me with my head between my knees. I made it down the aisle though and reached my goal of not passing out during the ceremony!

The reception was what I expected- a lot of fun! I danced the night away but not too many others did. I told our DJ to play a lot of slow songs since I know our guests and knew that not too many would fast dance. He didn't listen. So it felt like Brian and I were the only ones dancing...along with his 6 year old cousin who was busting out some pretty entertaining moves all night. Gotta love kids!

The funny thing is, I can sit here and think about all the little things that went "wrong" in my mind but since our guests didn't know how things were supposed to go they had no clue. Ignorance is bliss!

The only really disappointment was a few people who RSVPd yes didn't show up. When I walked into the reception area and saw a half empty table and their names still up on the place card board, my heart just fell. All I could think about is the people we couldn't invite because of the cost and here we are paying for 2 people and their spouses to have them not even bother to show up (or to say sorry after the fact). Like my dad said, you can't control other can just be thankful for the ones who were there to celebrate with you and that we are!

I couldn't believe how fast it went by! When the coordinator told us it was time to leave, we weren't ready for the party to end :) We kept saying "this is our wedding day?!" We've been in so many other people's weddings, it was so cool to realize this is OUR day.

As we drove away and to our hotel for the night, we passed by Mt Trashmore and saw the Ferris wheel still lit up and just couldn't resist. We pulled off the highway, and even though they were closing, I hiked up the dress and we ran for it. It took some begging but they let us on for a solo ride. We thought it was a great way to start our married life together...on the ups and downs of a carnival ride!