Monday, June 15, 2009

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Nobody told me how nervous I would get! I've got less than a week to go and my stomach is just in knots half the time. Brian and I were talking and it's funny how we aren't nervous at all about the marriage. We know it'll be hard work but we'll make it work! It's just the details of the day coming together and the rain factor. I know rain is the one thing I can't control but it's an outdoor wedding and I'm a natural worry wart so scheduling an outdoor wedding probably wasn't the smartest move!

One thing that helped though came from a fortune cookie we opened this weekend...It said, "It's all right to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation."

How fitting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slick Deals Thursday!

Drugstore deals seem to be the theme for this week. Walgreens has a $5 off $25 through tonight only! CVS offers a free 8x10 for Father's Day and Rite Aid offers a free $40 gift bag when you buy $20 in select skin care products.

Plus, TGIF BOGO coupon, Borders coupon, Quizno's coupon, sale and more!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slick Deal Thursday!

New slick deals posted at I found a coupon good through tomorrow for a free undie from Victoria's Secret. Tomorrow will also be free donut day! So maybe go get your free donut and then a size larger undies, just in case :)

Coupons posted for Firestone, Petsmart, JCPenny, TGIFridays and more! Check it out...and let me know your best slick deals.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Forever Friends

Today I lost a loyal and devoted friend of 18 years, my cat Mischief. He had a long and happy life and was in too much pain to carry on so my sister took him to the vet so that he could be pain free, playing and romping in kitty heaven right now.

It's been a tough day, through tears I've remembered all the good times we shared together. The first time we saw him, he was only a few weeks old...I was about 12 years old and Lisa was 15. We went to a farm out in Warsaw, Va and saw him there- a cute little white furball with grey ears and knew we had to have him. After picking him out though..I kid you not (pun intended) a goat started chasing us! I hightailed it to the car, jumping through the window Dukes of Hazzard style and once safe, yelled to Mischief that we'd be bring to bring him home in a few weeks.

When we got him home, I decided we needed to celebrate his birthday every year, so we had to know which date it was. I got out the calendar, set it on the floor, and had him step on a date to let us know. He stepped on June 4th. His 18th "birthday" would have been tomorrow.

The years passed and Mischief developed his own unique personality, which we loved. He was the sweetest cat one minute but you could see when he simply had enough and you would know to leave him alone. Outsiders never learned this lesson well. Throughout high school friends would come over and we would say, don't pet him! Of course they never listened, had to show off, and boys would soon be screaming like little girls when he wrapped himself around their arm, biting and scratching away. That was our mischievous little kitty.

When I left for college my sister took custody and I came to visit as often as possible, even bringing my Bailey over for play dates. He slowed down in the last few years but would still come to greet me when I came over, purring and climbing into my lap. I saw him for the last time Saturday and held him and told him I loved him one last time. It would never be enough though. He gave me unconditional love, devotion and even some bites for the last 18 years and I cherished every minute.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RSVP people!

Pet peeve time- people who do not rsvp! I had my bridal shower this weekend and my sister said one of my aunts never called, emailed, sent a note...nothing! to say whether she was coming or to politely decline. She didn't show but wouldn't it have been nice to let the host know that so she could plan for the amount of food needed?!

Now we have 5 days until we have to submit our final numbers to the caterer and have a number of people who never sent their response cards back. So frustrating! I have one friend who mentioned six months ago that he planned on coming but I haven't heard from him since and he never sent his RSVP. I've tried calling, emailing, texting...I'm becoming a stalker at this point just trying to get a yes or no! I'm thinking there should be fine print at the bottom of invitations that says "please respond by this particular date, if you do not, you revoke your right to come."

I mean seriously- how hard is it to respond?! The card is all filled out, you check yes or no, the envelope is pre-addressed AND stamped. It ain't that hard people- put it in the mail!

So this is my PSA of sorts to help out all future brides. If you get a wedding invite- send back the response card...immediately! Check yes or no, stick that sucker in the mail and know that the couple will appreciate your quick response more than you know!