Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a wake up call

So I woke up at 9:30 this morning to the sound of someone going through my refrigerator. I was wondering why my husband was being so loud and didn't shut the bedroom door like he normally does when making breakfast. Then I realized it was too late for Brian to still be home.

I got out of bed, walked to the kitchen in my PJ's and found a strange man going through my frig.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows not to scare me. I scream and I mean loud! I've been known to scream so loud in the studio that others can hear it through supposedly sound proofed walls. So it's really surprising that I didn't scream my head off. Instead, I just stood there starring at this man and trying to figure out why his head was in my frig and all of my food was laid out on the counters. And all I could come up to say was "Did you knock?"

He turns to me and I realized that it was the apartment maintenance man trying to fix the frig which hadn't been working properly. He said "yes, I knocked a few times. Nobody answered so I figured nobody was here. You must have been dead asleep." Guess so.

It could have been a worse ending so I was pretty thankful it wasn't a random stranger going through my frig. I was still way too freaked out to go back to sleep though so right now what I'm thankful for is coffee to help me get through the night at work :)

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