Monday, November 2, 2009

Vacation Horror Stories

My husband and I decided to go away this past weekend. Took a trip up to Natural Bridge, Va and met up with his parents to get some family time in too. There is only one hotel in Natural Bridge and it is within walking distance to everything...the bridge, the waterfall, caverns so it seemed like the logical choice.

Before leaving I looked up the hotel again to get directions and that's when I started to read reviews of it...bad reviews. I was semi-prepared for it being dirty and the staff being rude but when I walked in and experienced it for myself, it was a whole other story.

We got to our room, set our stuff down and Brian went to look out the window to see what kind of view we had. This is what he saw...

Yes, that is a half eaten piece of pizza on our window sill. Maybe that's what they consider breakfast in bed? lol

We couldn't get the window open either to try to knock it off. I thought, oh well, it's only one night. Until it was 1:30 am, 80 degrees in the room because the heat was broken and we had no window to open.

So I called the front desk and they said we could switch rooms. The guy comes up to give us the new room key but when my husband opens the door, the guy just walks into our room. It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm in my PJs scrambling for a cover up. He bangs on the window and is able to get it open. Thank goodness...we thought.

Fell asleep just to wake up an hour later to it SLAMMING shut! We just about had a heart attack! Luckily, Brian got it back open this time, shoved a pillow in it so that it wouldn't slam shut again and we tried to get a few more hours of sleep.

On top of all lied and the sunny skies we looked forward to on Sunday turned into rain and we had to cut the trip short and head back to the beach. Even with all of the litte annoyances, we still had a good time. We were with each other and with family so that's what most important in the end :)

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