Monday, November 30, 2009

I need to come up with some good come backs!

Everyone has that one person in their family who just can't keep their trap shut. For me, it's my cousin who when Brian and I announced our engagement said (and this was not in a joking manner) "Don't! Why would you want to get married?" A simple congratulations would be sufficient but thanks for your input buddy.

So we avoided him this Thanksgiving but going to Brian's family instead where instead we had to deal with a member of his family asking the inevitable question to any newlywed couple..."When are you going to have kids?" And after I replied "not for a while, we want to enjoy some alone time for a bit." She said..."you're not getting any younger. And Brian's getting old." We're the same age but again, thanks for your input on my biological clock lady.

I seriously need some good comebacks for the baby questions since my only response was to walk away and avoid her the rest of the night. My dad's suggestion is to say "We're not trying yet but we're practicing a lot." A little weird coming from my dad lol but not a bad response. Got any comebacks for me? I need some in reserve for the next time she attacks.

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