Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How do you explain that one dad?

With everyone pressed for time and having to split Thanksgiving between families, my family has always bucked the trend and just celebrated early. We do our celebration the Sunday before to make sure we all get to see each other and the other sides of our families too.

So we gathered at my grandfather's house this past weekend to celebrate. Now, I am a little bit of an odd ball in my family for one reason. I come from a family of avid hunters and I declared at 12 years old that I was going to be a vegetarian and never looked back. I've grown used to seeing the deer heads lines up on my grandfather's wall and as a kid I used to talk to them and pet them. This weekend though, my 5 year old niece noticed them for the first time and asked "Are those real?" Well...yes. "Then why are they on the wall?" Good question. Not one that I was going to answer though, for fear of what my sister might do to me. I just kept my mouth shut and my aunt spoke up saying "You'll have to ask your grandfather." My dad, wisely, kept his head down and continued to read his paper until she forgot about it and moved on to another subject.

I wonder if he'll come up with an answer by the time we travel back to the house for Christmas. I'm sure her inquisitive mind won't let this one rest forever.

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