Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gotta love dumb people in the news!

I love reading the dump people in the news stories. Found two good ones today.

In Ohio, a Halloween partier was dressed as a Breathalyzer...can you see where this is going...yep, he was arrested early last Sunday morning for drunk driving.

Eighteen-year-old James Miller was allegedly driving the wrong way out of the entrance to a one-way street when cops pulled him over. In his front seat and trunk were the remnants of a case of Bud Light. His blood-alcohol level -- measured on a real breathalyzer -- was over twice the legal limit. He also had multiple fake Ohio IDs. He was charged with multiple offenses and released into the custody of his girlfriend.

This next story just shows you don't mess with God- or one of his stores lol....

Police in California allege a Family Christian Book Store employee accidentally recorded himself setting up a peeping camera in the store's bathroom. Police said Joseph David Ramon Moreaux accidentally taped himself hiding the camera between boxes in the corner of a store restroom used by both men and women. The camera was discovered Sunday by a female patron who alerted police to its presence. Officers said they found the video of Moreaux hiding the camera on the device.

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