Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to the family

With blogger, facebook, myspace, etc it didn't seem necessary to Brian and I to announce our wedding in my hometown newspaper. I figured anyone who I wanted to know I got married, knew, and were either there or saw the pics online. But my parents aren't on facebook or myspace...which I guess I should maybe be thankful for lol...and they wanted us to put it in the paper. So we did to make them happy.

The paper sent us a few extra clippings so I thought Brian's grandparents might like to see it too. So I addressed, stamped and stuffed the envelopes and asked Brian to write a note to his grandmother to put in with it. Here's how the conversation went after that.

Brian: "Why?"
Me: "Because you can't send something and not include a note."
Brian: "Well we're sending the clipping, that's enough."
Me: "No it's not, she's your grandmother and you don't talk to her that often, you should write her a note."

I go and get him a piece of a paper and pen to try to encourage him.

Brian: "Well, what should I write?"
Me: "Just say, I thought you might like to see this. Hope to see you soon. Love, Brian"

He sets the paper and pen on the coffee table and proceeds to keep watching T.V.

Me: "Can you please just write a quick note so I can send it?"
Brian: *sigh*

So he writes the note, I mail it out and we get a forwarded email from his mother today that his grandmother sent saying...

I received the paper clipping and a note from Brian and bride. He's is a thoughtful son.

He's thoughtful and I don't get a name?! That's just wrong! Needless to say, Brian found this hilarious and is now strutting around saying how thoughtful he is. I don't want to burst grandma's bubble though so I'll let her think that...but I'm certainly not going to let him live this one down :)


92.9 The Wave's Jennifer Roberts said...

Hey there, Bride!
HA HAaaaaaa!! Gee, is that classic. What a great story :) I've been married 10 years now, nearly 11, and Matt's Dad (granted lives in Australia) still addresses things to him "and wife".... I think once it said "and Jean". Close, sure....but not quite :)

Cannonball14 said... you know that we did not send thank you notes to a significant number of people who gave us wedding gifts? I wrote all the notes, put our return address and the family's name on the envelope. John was supposed to address them and never did. He tried to tell me it was because he didn't think the name and address should be in different handwriting. Excuses!