Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not what you want to find in bed with you...

It was about 2 this morning when my cat hoped up in bed with me. As he settled into a spot I reached over to pet him and felt something hard beside him. Thinking he might have brought one of his toys into bed, I picked it up to try to feel what it was...and I mean I really felt around on it! Still not sure exactly what it was, I figured I'd leave it til the morning. So I reached above my head and put it on the headboard of the bed. I guess I must've caught a whiff along the way and realized just what it was that I was just holding...and in a panic I flipped the light on to be sure. (Didn't really think about my husband sleeping next to me until he jumps up saying "what is it? what's wrong?")

I scream "I touched poo! I touched poo!!!!" It took his half-asleep brain a minute to fully wake up and start laughing at me.

Guess this was pay back from a few weeks when he woke up to find some on his pillow and was so freaked out he had to go shower while I laughed and laughed. Karma is a bitch.

And on another note- we are switching back to the old cat litter since the vet thinks this may be the cause of our new unwelcome guests in the bed.

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Cannonball14 said...

We'll file this under "why John will never own a cat". They love to bring you presents!