Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need a new friend? :)

I had a great day today- I went out with the VBSPCA to a local nursing home and took some of the animals in the shelter to visit the residents for pet therapy. The residents really enjoyed seeing them, getting to pet them and play with them. And I think the animals, especially the kitten I was holding, really enjoyed all the attention :) Today we took out Tigger, a beautiful black rabbit, and Chad, a 16 week old kitten. I was in charge of Chad, who was just the sweetest kitten ever! He hung out in my arms content to just be held, petted and play with my hair when he got the chance :) He would be a great addition to any family, a lap cat in the making with a playful streak too if you have kids who want to play (or a grown kid like my husband lol)

Both animals are available for adoption now at the Virginia Beach SPCA. If you have a place in your home and heart for one of these furry friends!

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