Monday, August 17, 2009

More birthday fun

The weekend trip ended up being like scenes from a movie- the mosquitoes of course being a horror flick.

The comedy came later...

We had a jacuzzi tub in the room so that was awesome. We didn't realize though that jetted tubs and bubble bath do not mix. So Brian pours 1/4 of the bottle of bubble bath in and when nothing happens he just keeps pouring. Then we turned the jets on and bubbles started rising and rising and rising and then overflowing EVERYWHERE! We tried to scoop them and run them into the bathroom (since the jacuzzi was out in the main area and there was a separate bathroom/tub) But there were just too many darn bubbles! After a call to housekeeping for extra towels the mess was cleaned up.

Yesterday we tried to spend a little more time on the island looking at the ponies and some souvenir shops but we had to check out of the hotel room so the car was filled with stuff...including my birthday cake, balloons and leftover picnic food items so we left the car running with the a.c. as we ran into a few more shops. Well Brian gets out at one store, keys still in the ignition, locks the car (we had a spare key) and then realizes that the car is still in drive! And moving towards the store! Whoops! Luckily it was going pretty slow and there was enough time for me to fish through my purse for the spare key and throw it to him so he could throw it in park.

It was definitely a memorable trip!

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