Monday, August 17, 2009

50 and counting

I had a birthday this weekend- no not 50 quite yet. I turned 30 and my husband took me to Chincateague for a long weekend to celebrate. I was looking forward to a leisure filled weekend, walking the wooded trails and gazing at wild ponies. I ended up running for my life!

Ok maybe that's a little dramatic hehe but it felt that way at the time. Brian and I got halfway through the trail when we noticed them...the bloodthirsty mosquito's and they were attacking us. We tried to outrun them but we weren't fast enough. And the bug repellent that we had sprayed on obviously had no effect on these monsters. So there we were, running for the safety of the car. They followed us in there too.

I tried counting the number of bites but gave up after I reached 54. Happy Birthday to me!

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