Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Honeymoon is over...well the official one at least

We're back from the honeymoon and it was great! We spent a week at one of the Sandal's resorts in St Lucia and divided our time between exploring the countryside and just being beach bums, laying under a cabana or floating on a raft in the pool. Amazingly enough, neither one of us came back with a sunburn...and with our pale skin that is a miracle! I owe it to the $20 bottle of sunscreen we had to buy after running out of our first bottle ran out 2 days into the trip. Darn gift shop rip off. But I guess when you think of it as $20 to be sunburn free, it's not that bad of a deal.

Our week in pictures:

Brian getting ready to snorkel on the boat trip we took and us next to one of the boats in Pirates of the Caribbean!

Attempting to smile in front of the stinky volcano and exploring the Botanical Gardens

Me finding some cabana time and Brian finding a friend!

Hiking our way through the rainforest to the waterfall.

Sampling fruit from a local roadside stand on our jeep safari.

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