Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happily Married

I'm married :) Still doesn't feel quite real- I keep calling Brian my fiance out of habit but I'm sure soon enough it'll feel like I've been saying husband forever.

The wedding day was great- no rain! Hallelujah! I prayed for over a year "Lord, I don't care how hot it is, just please don't let it rain." And well he listened...really listened...because it was hot! I guess I got what I asked for lol. Right before it was time for me to walk up the steps into the garden, the heat really got to me and I started feeling dizzy. I had people lifting my dress to fan my legs, my dad grabbing water and me with my head between my knees. I made it down the aisle though and reached my goal of not passing out during the ceremony!

The reception was what I expected- a lot of fun! I danced the night away but not too many others did. I told our DJ to play a lot of slow songs since I know our guests and knew that not too many would fast dance. He didn't listen. So it felt like Brian and I were the only ones dancing...along with his 6 year old cousin who was busting out some pretty entertaining moves all night. Gotta love kids!

The funny thing is, I can sit here and think about all the little things that went "wrong" in my mind but since our guests didn't know how things were supposed to go they had no clue. Ignorance is bliss!

The only really disappointment was a few people who RSVPd yes didn't show up. When I walked into the reception area and saw a half empty table and their names still up on the place card board, my heart just fell. All I could think about is the people we couldn't invite because of the cost and here we are paying for 2 people and their spouses to have them not even bother to show up (or to say sorry after the fact). Like my dad said, you can't control other can just be thankful for the ones who were there to celebrate with you and that we are!

I couldn't believe how fast it went by! When the coordinator told us it was time to leave, we weren't ready for the party to end :) We kept saying "this is our wedding day?!" We've been in so many other people's weddings, it was so cool to realize this is OUR day.

As we drove away and to our hotel for the night, we passed by Mt Trashmore and saw the Ferris wheel still lit up and just couldn't resist. We pulled off the highway, and even though they were closing, I hiked up the dress and we ran for it. It took some begging but they let us on for a solo ride. We thought it was a great way to start our married life together...on the ups and downs of a carnival ride!

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